Top-up declined. Visa Verified Problem.


My card support Visa Verified and I have already used it to top-up my Revolut card with a previous Revolut App versions. Current Revolut version 3.3.2 - iOS.

  1. I deleted and installed the application as suggested by the Support.
  2. I deleted the card and added again. The card was verified and I was asked for my Visa Verified Code.
  3. Try to make a top-up and it was declined. During the process I was not asked for my Visa Verified Code. I contacted the Bank and they told me that the Visa Verified Code is missing.

My colleague is using the Android version of the app. He is using the same Bank and card type. He doesn’t have a problem to top-up using the Android app. During the top-up process he is asked for his Visa Verified Code.


Hi @og.konov,

Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so we can get in touch?


Andreas K.


HI I have the same issue. Could someone please help


Sure - can you send me a direct message?


Hi. I have a similar problem. I have done two top ups with the same Visa card and they went ok. Now the third one has been declined but according to my bank the transfer has been authorised by them. Could please someone help me? Thank you


Hello, I’m experiencing same issue as described in this thread.
Top up by VISA opens me a blank screen with the title Verification at the top and after about 30min the app sends me a message saying it failed. I’m on Android Pixel 8.1.


the same problem here.
I have this issue from two weeks and it’s not solved yet. I follow the instructions from the support via the app and no success. My Android is 8.1 also (Nexus 5X). A have a colleague with the same card (same type and issued from the same bank) registered into his Revolut account and he make successful top up via iOS (11.2.6).
I contacted with the bank - issuer of the card. They told me that there are no requests to their verification server to ask me for the security code. Just transactions of 1 euro for each try. After that each of these transactions are automatically rejected and the amounts was returned to my account.


Same for me with Android 8.0. The problem is from about 2-3 weeks.


Same problem here. You really need to fix this guys


Today I update the app to version 4.14.
I confirm the issue is fixed. Thank you.
I’my still disappointed by the support. Every time when I complained about the issue they acted like the problem was not in their app.


I do not have that version available for android. Is it going to be released soon? thanks