Top-up declined - VISA Parametrization

I tried to top-up my account yesterday with 2 different cards, one debit, and one credit (both VISA) and the topup was refused.
The error message said to contact my bank, cards department, to solve the issue.

I did contact my bank (CDG in Portugal) and I was informed by them, that indeed payments to Revolut are being refused not by the bank, but directly by VISA because Revolut is not complying to the recent legal requirements from VISA.

A few weeks ago there was some legal parametrization that changed on VISA side (not sure if this only changed for Portugal or not) for cards and customer security, and Revolut needs to make some changes on their parametrization to comply with this legal requirements.

Until that parametrization is in place, the payments will be refused.
Any idea when Revolut plans to make this necessary changes? Otherwise, the topup with VISA cards at least in Portugal wil not work :frowning:

I didn’t hear or notice any that kind of troubles with VISA in the UK :thinking:

Topped up today using VISA (credit) from one of Latvian banks. Worked just fine.

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I assume it’s only for Portugal maybe.
I tried again today and still the same issue. Contacted my bank again, and the same answer was provided :frowning:
Revolut support chat was aunable to help me also…

Where have you gone @megamaster?


Dear all.
I’am having the same issue : my bank account is debited but not my revolut one.
Visa from france.
Any news ?

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My top up has been pending for half an hour. When I look at their status it says they have a problem with top ups. But my app didn’t warn me. They were happy to take my money from my account but they are nowhere to be found when i ask about it, and when they could’ve sent me a notification that it doesn’t work, but hey at least they send me 5 notifications a day which i don’t need.
So frustrating and unprofessional.

I have the same issue but they keep telling me it’s not their fault and i should talk to my bank when my bank tells me the problem is on revolut end since the money was taken from account!
Revolut Romania

Yes, I also have this problem. And it seems that Revolut agents have different reaction about it. There are some who said it will be reverted to my Bank later after 5 days and there are some who claimed it wasn’t Revolut fault and therefore the money wouldn’t be Revolut’s matters. It’s frustrating.