Top up declined but money still taken from bank it appears


Currently on Holiday in Malta and tried topping up card via the app. It gave me the top up declined message yet when I went in to check bank balance it had taken the amount off me meaning I’ve had money just disappear because of this app. I’ve used this to travel a few times and this is the first issue I’ve had so I hope it can be sorted quickly



@Garreth96 I’m having the exact same issue, the money has been taken from my bank account but the top up declined. So where is the money? Hopefully my Revolut account will be credited or the money returned.

Support bot says it’s a 2-3 hour wait for support, which isn’t overly impressive.


Exact same issue I am having. I tried to topup by Apple Pay and it has gone through ok but Revolut app says it was declined. It always worked until now, not sure what happened but I need to use that money and can’t really wait 2-3-4 days for it to return to my bank.


Worth mentioning I was also using Apple Pay to top up.


Hey guys, I got through to someone and they said they were experiencing known issues with users unable to top up. My main concern was that my bank had the money removed despite getting the error message on Revolut. They said the money would be soon returned to my account (which I will be checking regularly and will be on to them ASAP if it doesn’t) and that they are working on the topping up issue

It’s reassuring to see others are having the same issue and not just be but it’s extremely inconvenient when on holiday…


I’m having the same issue, the money has been taken from my bank account but the top up declined. So where is the money - £600 has disappeared.
I’m really not impressed when support message says it’s a 2-3 hour wait for support - I want to use the money now - you need to do better Revolut!
Will someone contact me please?


I had a chat with my bank, they gave me the authorization code for this transaction as it has gone through without issues. I have sent the code to Revolut and they said their payment processor told them that the funds have been declined and it must have been an error with Apple Pay. Funds settlement can take up to 24 hours sometimes and it will be reverted to the originating account. If the funds won’t reach my account in 24 hours I need to let them know and they will escalate the issue. I have paid another company by Apple Pay minutes before Revolut and it was all fine.


I tried the bank and Apple Pay, both didn’t work. Revolut told me that they were having issues at the minute and were working on it but didn’t have a time frame


My concern is that if they can’t resolve my problem today then tomorrow I’ll have to wait another 2 or 3 hours for customer services in order to escalate the issue again with them.
I’ve already been waiting over 2 hours just to register my initial complaint.
The bank have told me that they cannot do anything so they suggest I contact Revolut to sort it out their end…I’m trying to do that but there is no sign of life from Customer Services!!


It is an interesting thing with banks and payment processors that they can take your money off your account in seconds but it takes days for them to reverse it back to your account. Now I need to use another money to cover things until funds return back. I can understand technical issues but I don’t think it’s me who needs to have headache because of errors by someone else.


Any luck with this guys?


It took me over four hours to sort this out yesterday afternoon.
Over two hours of this was waiting for Customer Services to contact me although she was very helpful when I did eventually hear from CS.
To avoid being overdrawn I still have to go into the local bank (30 mins drive away) and sort the incorrect debit out with them.
This is my first experience of using Revolut (and will be the last!); through no fault of my own I am now overdrawn at the bank and have to sort things out myself.
I agree with the previous comment that Revolut were very quick to take the money from my acct but not very quick in refunding it or dealing with the bank themselves - it was left to me.
Waiting over two hours for CS to make contact is unacceptable especially when I had an urgent need to speak to someone to sort out my problem. Perhaps Revolut need to invest in more personnel to man their CS desk or have an emergency contact phone line for urgent enquiries. Thank goodness I wasn’t overseas.
I’m very disappointed and will not be using Revolut again - back to Monzo who at least offer quicker service to customers who are experiencing acute problems with their card/top ups.


Does that mean you still have no access to your funds? I am fighting here, they are saying the transaction has been declined and money will return back to my bank. However, bank said the transaction has not been cancelled yet. So no idea who to trust now…


Yes I have exactly the same situation.
The bank asked Revolut to send a fax saying they made a mistake but Revolut
can’t send faxes and the bank will not reveal any email addresses to avoid
fraud - it was becoming very complicated and I was very annoyed that I was
wasting so much time on something that was not my mistake.
In the end I asked Revolut to send me an email stating that they made a
mistake, that the transaction has been declined together with date, time
and ref numbers of the declined transaction - they did this at least and I
have to take this to the bank this morning as evidence that Revolut made a
mistake and will not debit my acct for the £600. The bank tell me that they
can then re-credit my acct with the £600.
I’m going on holiday today and this was the last thing that I needed.
Revolut…never again, I’ll stick with Monzo!


Got to them today, they said they are having server issues and it is still being worked on, currently saying my money will be returned to my bank account still. Once again they don’t have a time frame available as to when it’ll be fixed, they say a bank transfer will work


This is a total disaster. No help from Revolut other than sorry we don’t know where your money is.


CS said it’s something to do with a third-party and they are pushing them to fix. I can’t afford to have issues like this so I will leave Revolut (at least for a while) and find a good alternative until they go bigger… sadly… as I love how the card works. :frowning: I think the fair would be to credit the amounts manually to our Revolut accounts (for people with valid authorization number) then just do a completion when the issue is fixed. This is what I would expect from a responsible company who don’t leave their customers alone.


I agree with the above, and they have literally left users stranded with no information. Only information I got was from support after well over an hour of waiting. I love how the card works but I’m not going to deal with this rubbish. Now having to budget fully while being on holiday as I can’t just top up when needing to


Out of curiosity where did you contact Revolut to get the email with the declined transaction? This would be useful for me

Thanks :slight_smile:


I asked Customer Services and told them I would wait online until it arrived (I didn’t want to queue again for another 2 hours!). It took about 10 mins for the CS agent to write the email and send it - I told her exactly how to word it so that the bank would be happy with it and I also asked her to send it on Revolut headed email. Hope this helps.