Top Up - debit card register "Not authorised"


When I choose to Top Up by my previously unregistered debit card - a Visa Electron debit card with 3D Secure - I enter the new card data and confirm the address I get the message: “The payment could not be authorised”.

I’ve talked with my bank several times and they keep saying that is not their fault.
I’ve mentioned this case in the in-app support but they keep saying that there’s nothing they can do, in my last try they even told me that 3D Secure was not supported, so I tried disabling it and still doesn’t work!

This is a major feature of Revolut for me, without it it becomes practically unusable…


Hi there. As I can see your bank is blocking your top ups. Do they have restrictions on the card or merchants?


It seems very unlikely, some of my colleagues have the same card type and the same bank and they can Top Up. If it was that case, the bank would be blocking me exclusively.
Our only difference is that I have an iPhone and they have Android…