Top-up conversion


I top up using a credit card in CHF. Revolut recognises this and warns me that my bank will be making the conversion in EUR. I would like to see Revolut offer to handle the conversion (probably at a superior rate).


Hi @Kit,

Thank you for contacting us.

We’ll take your feedback on board. More currencies will be added soon.




Thanks, Andreas, but why does a currency need to be added at all? Revolut instructs us to always withdraw cash in the local currency so that Revolut can do the conversion; why should a top up by credit card be any different? In my particular example, I am happy to have an account in EUR, I simply wish to avoid unnecessary currency conversions.


I agree with Kit ! We are a lot of people waiting for the CHF wallet but if at least we could top up EUR with a CHF card at the Revolut exchange rate it would be a big step up for us and easier for Revolut to implement.


Hi @mitch,

I understand this, but I think practically would be much more easier to add CHF as a base currency and wallet, rather than top up Euro with CHF.

Rest assured, we’re working on it


At some point, Revolut users will have various credit cards in nearly every currency under the sun. This topic will not go away. It seems to me that you would help your customers save more money by avoiding senseless top-up fees than you would by adding another base currency.