Top up CHF from PostFinance


Sorry for my stupid question but I’m a total newbie with Revolut :slight_smile:

I just created my account and now need to top up with money. I have 2 accounts at PostFinance: 1 in CHF and 1 in EUR (that I believe is useless now having a Revolut account?).

Is there any fee to top up with a PostFinance account? Should I better top up with a debit card, credit card (MasterCard) or via a bank transfer?

And I’m a bit confused but once I top up the account, in what money is it actually? I believe I did not understand the basic idea of Revolut, but I do not find the explanation. The idea behind my question is if I have to I look at a specific rate to top up the account?


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if you want to to up via wired transfer- be prepared for fee.

If you want to top up via your card- for EU countries as long as you use personal card (not business) is free:

And also read this because it could bring you answers regarding topping-up: SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods (July 2018)
If you need more help don’t hesitate, many people here. I also speak french and kind of english in case :wink: