Top up charged


I’ve made a top up of 90€ from my personal French debit card and I was charged of 91,16€ - why ? The support service don’t answer me


The system recognized your card most likely as a commercial card. You can provide support with some proof that your card is indeed a personal card and they can update their payment processing for you to avoid this fee.


I’ve always used the same cards. This is the first time this happened


BIN databases are updated sometimes, they might have a different vendor for this data, I don’t know. As long as you’re using an EEA issued personal card, support should be able to help you with this.


If they answer me…


Theres a waiting time due to huge demand. Just write them everything they need to know to look into your case once an agent is assigned to it.


The randomness of this is frustrating, together with what seems to be a permanent “we are too busy to talk to you” period from support. It’s all pretty amateur.


Support service refund me yesterday. It was easy to prove them that I used a personal card.


@Eduarda Can you please advise how did you prove that it’s a personal card?


I’ve send them a print screen of my online banking account which included my name and the 4 last digits of the card I’ve used to top up