Top up Canadian Dollars using bank transfer

I recently got a Revolut account as I am a student who is about to go to Canada for a year abroad. I wanted to top up my Canadian account and saw that i was sending a bank transfer to a UK bank account. I wanted to know that if i send “x” canadian dollars to said UK bank account, will “x” cad be added to my account or will i lose out because the CAD will be converted to GBP (by the UK bank) and then back to CAD (my Revolut account)

AFAIK - no. But not because of conversion. It’ll be less because of intermediary bank’s fees

if you want to benefit from revolut’s exchange rates you should top up in your standart currency (the currency of your bank account) and exchange to CAD in your revolut account.

Each currency has it’s own bank account and therefore has a distinct IBAN.
E.g. if you send £ to the € account, there will be a conversion.

If you top up with euros you have 2 options.

  • using SEPA payment with the details in the “local” tab.
  • using SWIFT payment with the detail in the “SWIFT” tab

Some banks offer to send the SWIFT transfer in GBP because of the IBAN. You should decline that and send in your desired currency.