Top up by swift wire not showing up


Hi there.
I asked my bank in the US to send a SWIFT wire of $100 to my Revolut account, using the instructions provided in the app.

The wire should have arrived by now but does not show up in my account.

I suspect the wire to be stucked in the pool at LLOYDS. Possibly my account reference is not exactly where it should be for an automated routing to my account.

I provided in the in-app support chat all the details, including the swift wire reference number. No response as in-app support is broken for days.

Can I expect a manual assignment of the wire to my account ?

I am new to Revolut. I must say that finding the in-app support closed since I joined is quite disappointing. Can someone here from Revolut help or is this the kind of service level I should expect ?


I have the same problem since a few days and i am really worried as it is not a small amount

i’ve never add this problem before, and I am using revolut since more than 1 year


Hey @alak :slight_smile:

This can’t be! The in-app support is available 24/7! Or at least it should be. Have you tried reinstalling?


I have the same banner as everyone else : “Hi! We are currently facing technical issues ith our support chat…Our team is looking into it …Sorry for the inconvenience.”

To be fair: RITA responded that she can not help. The request was transferred to a “live agent”. No news since.


Issue resolved :slight_smile:
Rose responded in the in-app chat. She found my wire and assigned instantly to my account. It seems the system did not recognise my account ID in the wire reference.

The only glitch is that the USD wire went into my EUR account.
EDIT : oops… my fault. I just noticed in the app that I should have first selected the currency and then use appropriate SWIFT IBAN which is different per currency.