Top up by card doesn't works on Android (3D secure code)


With Android, the top up by card doesn’t works. No problems until the app asks the 3D secure code (for France).
I receive the 3D secure code on my mobile phone, but the page to enter this one never appears (It tries to load but finaly just a blue screen appears).

I tried with an Iphone, and no problems, all is good. The problem is just on android (I tried with several android phones).


We’re aware about this issue, rest assured we’re working to fix it as soon as possible.

Please stay tuned for updates.


Same problem here and still waiting, it has been 4 months that the card has been useless, really a shame that android users are victims of this issue :frowning:

Really frustating since it was working well with the same card before

EDIT : Actually i installed the beta version of android and it works like before, i can add my card and top up.
No more issue, the 3ds secure message pops up and verify my action.
I hope that it solves your issue aswell.


Since the last update, the Topup by card is OK for android with the 3D secure code :wink:


Yes that’s right!

This issue with the French cards and the 3D security has been resolved, both Beta and non-Beta Version French users should be able to use their French card for top ups :r:


Same situation here, i can not top up my account with valid Visa card. I’m predilecte to my Bank page for 3d secure pasacord, but nothing happpend after chat.


@shuttershades is it a French card? Is the 3D secure of your card activated?


Andreas K.


Same here, French card with 3d secure.
I get the code via SMS, enter it, then the card gets rejected.
According to Revolut in-app support, this was refused by the bank because of a wrong code entered, and according to my bank this was refused because no code was sent.
I tried a few times, always with the same result.


Hi, I’m having the same issue here, but with Android in the UK, with a UK VISA debit card.


Same here, Swedish VISA debet card.

Verified by visa first is seen, when touching the field to input password the entire background goes gray and nothing happens. When touch in the window to get keyboard to go away the screen flicks but goes back to gray.

The top-up fails a while later.

This is on Android 7.0, lenovo P2 and Revolut app version 4.5.3

After having seen the shout out about top-ups on android i quickly upgraded and tried again, the issue is still the same on version 4.5.6

Verified by visa page pops up, then the window goes all gray and nothing can be done - the top up fails and my banks fraud detection goes of after a couple of tries.

This is seriously annoying… Revolut NEEDS a website as a backup because from time to time the apps will have bugs like this always.

I understand Revolut is growing crazy fast so doubt it will be taken care of any time soon, the issue needs to be recognized though.


Same here today. Its been a complete pain.


I have the same problem in Norway on my android marsmallow 6.0.1
It is not possible to top up with the debit card because the bank ID dialog goes blank. If I can’t top up, I do not think the app is that interesting.
I have Revolt 4.7.3

Is there no solution to this problem?


I’ve just experienced this problem when trying to top up via a German credit card (Smart Card by Fidor Bank).


I have a similar problem with Andorid 8.0 and the last version of the Revolut app which is 4.13.1. When the verification page should pop up, I just see a blank screen and after an hour, I receive a notification that says that the top-up was not successful. I tried with both Credit and Debit VISA cards from Bulgaria.


My issue just resolved itself yesterday. It just started working after a few tries.
Perhaps it was caused by the fact that I deleted and re-added my card because it had an old valid date set.

Anyways it’s nice to see that top up via credit card it free now (at least in my country).


top-up with 3d-secured credit card still doesn’t work in Switzerland.
is there no official answer from revolut about this topic? when you search for 3d secure in this forum, you’ll get about 50+ results!!!


@AndreasK Also not working with MasterCard Debit in Bulgaria. Last 2-3 weeks wasn’t able to top-up. Any help?