Top Up by bank transfer


Hey, my first top up to active the Revolut Card is lost on the way! I contacted Revolut lots of times by now but they always say that they didn’t get my transfer! I contact the bank in return and access my internet banking and the money left my account the day i made the transfer, and the bank helpline tells me the transfer did go through since that day. How can i solve this problem? I’m losing money right now…(Lost somewhere…or not) and Revolut don’t have any way to prove me they didn’t get the money! So the costumer always loose right? Really bad service and really bad helpline from Revolut, no help provided!


Hey there @satatigal :slight_smile:

If you already have your answers then what’s the point in making the question? :wink:

Anyway, I would suggest getting a transfer statement from your bank (in which you can see the date, the origin account and destination IBAN and BIC, the name and the confirmation of transfer) and sending that to the :r: support team. If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest you to ask for the escalation of the issue.


@Juliopp thanks for the answer will try that