Top up by bank transfer query

I am trying to top up my revolut standard card, but struggling with debit card top ups, due to “verify by visa” issues.
(So I’m also in the meantime considering bank transfer if the other cannot be remedied)
So please correct me if I’m wrong but I assume that when I click on “add money”, and select bank transfer: That the name, sort code, and account number that I see; are they those of the “payee”?
in other words should i transfer money to that name (mine) that sort, and account number?
Is that correct?
Thank you.

Yes, you have to provide these data which are seen in the Revolut app, in the app of other bank

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Do you know how long a transfer takes?
I ask because it appears now that Revolut are asking visa verification on every single debit card payment (which it didn’t on my last card) If so I will have to instead do bank transfers since I don’t have a suitable phone number when traveling.

I’ve just answered for this in your other topic :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Is there an easier way to top up?

It looks like being a major pain now

Where are you located? Revolut supports SEPA instant transfers. If the sender’s bank supports it, your funds are credited and available within 10 seconds. In the UK, Faster Payments should be also relatively fast.

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Bank is UK based in Pounds.

Never heard of that payment format but any that’s free and quick is great. Thanks.

Revolut works in faster payment :slight_smile:

I am having problems when using the “easy bank tansfer” with Credit Agricole in France.

CA is one of the banks which I guess is supposed to support this method, but I always get an error once I get to the CA Authorisation page - is anybody else facing this? I have contacted CA, but they seem clueless.

Good news is that it works well with Societe Generale, but forces an “Instant SEPA” which has a small charge from SG … however the transfer was instantaneous.