Top up business account with a Prepaid Card


I work remotely for a company that’s paying me through Payoneer and they’re able to wire it either to a bank account (with a $15 fee) or to their Prepaid MasterCard (free of charge).
Since I get paid weekly, over year those $15/week become a hefty sum.
Can you make it possible to top up the business account with a MasterCard?
It’d make the account usable for me.


Hello @Tajmon

Currently, it’s not possible to Top Up the business account via credit card. We’re working on it as part of our product development roadmap. We’d love to have you onboard, so stay tuned :r::wink:



If you’re trading under your own name as a freelancer I’m pretty sure you could pay the money into your own account as it’s considered a salary? Then you could transfer it to the business account as your business shares assets with you as a sole trader.

@JeffRevolut could give an official stance on this I’m sure.

While you’re at it Jeff, could you perhaps reply to a few of the other posts on the forum? It’s feeling a little lonely besides a few active users, none of which are Revolut staff that I’ve noticed.


Hi there @Recchan!

You can top up your business account only via bank transfer. Personal account can be topped up by a card, but you should not conduct your freelancing activity on your personal account - that’s the purpose of Revolut for Business :briefcase: :sunglasses:

Which posts do you have in mind? :mag_right:


Honestly, mainly old threads that have been left to die. It would be nice if Revolut could confirm that these things are indeed happening, I understand that obviously these may have been before the open letter, but I would like to know in the future certain things will be coming (for instance what local currency accounts are soon to be added, as I only heard NOK was coming from another user on the forum).

I would also like to know about the current state of being able to choose your card issuer (Visa/MaestroCard/MasterCard).

GBP Direct Debits, Banking Licence, CHF IBAN’s, proper debit cards, lots of things that in my opinion (as well as to the opinion of most current users) should have been prioritised over expanding into new territories.

I know this may be asking for a lot, but Revolut is incorporated in the UK and it’s a shame it’s not usable for direct debits as you’ve already had this for SEPA DD’s for a while.

In other words, I’d just like some commitment to things that were promised before the open letter are considered a high priority, as I’m sure quite a few of these promises have kept a decent amount of Revolut users around. I really like the app, and I’ve been shilling it to everyone I know in real life, so naturally I want it to become even better so I can sell it more.


Edit: Feel free to add me to the beta testers list if you have any spaces though :wink: being able to know what’s coming would give me a lot more confidence in my shilling of Revolut


@DavidRevolut it would be nice if you could respond as it’s now a weekday, I understand you may have missed it so I’ll shoot you a new message.

Could you also confirm the forum is not going anywhere anytime soon? A few people from a different fintech community have this as a concern due to the recent difficulty to register which has cut the activity of the forum, paired with the messages all being held for moderator approval.


Hi there @Recchan !

“I would also like to know about the current state of being able to choose your card issuer (Visa/MaestroCard/MasterCard).” - at the moment, it’s not possible to choose the card issuer on business account, it’s MasterCard by default.

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide more information about what local currencies will soon be added. All major announcements will be posted on Community and on our blog.

We are working hard on enabling Direct Debits in GBP. We hope it happens ASAP!

I can confirm that the forum is not going anywhere anytime soon. We’re here for you!

If you wish me to provide more information, please specify exact queries. Thanks!

Have a wonderful day and thank you very much for your support of Revolut for Business :heart: