Top up blocked and chat not responding

I got similar problem and even with Metal plan I don’t have answers for 6 days. I got looking for agent status with priority. Can someone contact me?

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same problem here, chat bot sent me a link that doesn’t open…

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what? 6 days? I have the same plan as you

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And still I don’t have answers… and waiting for my money


@AndreasK can you help me with my situation too? Still don’t have response.


Hi @AndreasK,
I face an urgent issue. For the last 10 days Revolut’s live agent has not been responding, even if I ve been trying to reach out through Live Agent help. In more detail, Revolut blocked my account, asking for more info, which I provided on the spot but since then, 4th June, noone has contacted me…The urgency of the issue is that I have tied up my student loan, rent and mobile data package, thus I cannot continue funding these activities without Revolut. Can you please help?


I have the same issue, my transaction in on “Pending” from Jun 4th and no answer from anyone… It’s really frustrating that no one can tell me why my transaction is still on “Pending”.
@AndreasK Can you please help me ?

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Same as me waiting for 10 days… and no answer

Trying to find a customer support, or anyone in LinkedIn, since having a frozen account for 10days has been driving me crazy, but I cannot find anything…Waiting for a Live Agent, even if, as mentioned, it takes approx. 48 hours to respond…

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i have had my business account blocked for six days after over 2 years with Revolut. Everyday verify account and then placed in eternal queue with “wating for agent”. This absurd. everything on my account has been verified everytime, emailing websupport no response, support chat says special team must resolve see " Wayne, I will be transferring this chat to the responsible team. Only them can provide you an accurate answer about this review. Please note that it t might take a while for them to reach out due to the high demand for their services. No worries though, they’ll respond as soon as possible. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’ll be connected quickly! Thank you again and have a nice day!"

My transactions has been validated yesterday !
After a long time of wating an agent contact me resolve my issue.
Hope the same for you guys.

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Hi Nive,
How long had you been waiting?

Hi AndreasK got similar issue could ypu please contact me via direct message? (I cant send DM to you). Would be much appreciated because I tried already all the ways to contact revolut. Thank you. Justyna

@AndreasK can you help out? I got £640 blocked. The app says: Declined for security reasons. These were sent from my Santander account to make some payments abroad. Thanks

Hi Themis,

About bout 10 days.

I have the same problem can you get this resolved immediately please. Iam absolutely FURIOUS. It’s unacceptable and causing a MAJOR inconvenience

Same for me since November last year.
I have given up. Stopped using Revolut.
App won’t let me close my account.
I am a Metal account holder. I wasted £120 on a service I don’t receive.
They are a cheap set up that doesn’t live up to their own hype.

I have the same problem, I have the account blocked with 2000€, there was a payment to verify, I don’t in the chat with the support, but now the app say me CHAT WITH us, I always talked good about REVOLUT and also referred many people, but now this is a very very very bad situation.

Why Revolut dont answer to me via chat i am waiting from 14.06.2020 somebody to answer my account its blocked with 500 pounds and nobody answer i provided proof of income proof of my self employed tax return and nobody answer.

Good morning, I do have the same issue (deposit blocked for more than 2 weeks now).
I hav started a chat on the app but it is showing “looking for an agent” for more than 3 days now, I can’t even close the chat to open a new one.

I am a metal plan customer and was expecting to receive some sort of customer support.