Top up blocked and chat not responding

Hi All,

I have tried to top up my account with an amount exceeding the limit and the payment was frozen.
In the meantime I have requested a limit increase and provide the requested documents as advised by a Live Agent.

It has now been over 24h and the chat has gone idle. All my messages are marked as read but no response.

I have an important payment to make with a substantial part of my savings somewhere in the air with none to update me on the status of the increase.

What a poor service! Would anyone have encountered this issue and know how to fix it (except infinite patience)?


Hi Timod,
I’m having a similar problem with Revolut. A transaction blocked by Revolut on Friday 27 April ( four days ago) and no resolution. I’ve had no communication from the Revolut help team, I’ve been texting the help line and live agent every day.
I’m using the chat and community forum to communicate but they do not seem to respond. Is there another way to contact Revolut?


Don’t think so unfortunately, hence trying on this forum. The only number coming up online is to block your card… very frustrating

To avoid hassle like this,you need to increase your limit before hitting it :slight_smile:
Try to escalate with live agent or try twitter to speed things up.
Alternatively contact @AndreasK :slight_smile:

Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.

Thanks Ares
Unfortunately live agent does not seem more responsive. Will get in touch with @AndreasK.
Thanks for providing the contact.

And here he is, thanks @AndreasK for the quick response!


I have similar problem with the Top up limit, especially if I want to use revolut as my primary bank account as it is my main goal and hopefully Revolut’s as well to show our current big banks they are not the only option as they were cheating us for years. when I did top up that is close to my limit, increase was quite fast and automatic, i got automatic pop saying you are approaching your limit pls submit documents which I did and my limit was increased in 30 min, but not enough. But to have all freedom of regular bank account where I do not have any limit, and especially when i provided all my source of funds would be great. once in a while i need to make much bigger payment (substantial part of savings) and I am in this chicken and egg situation. If I top up over my current limit, this money will be blocked for couple of days, which is not nice position to be in. When I asked to increase limit to much higher amount, i do not get resolution, just waiting and waiting for resolution that does not come. Even though I proved with the documents that I should have this limit. This needs to have some more elegant solution as this can hinder adoption / switch to revolut being main bank account.

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I have a similar issue. My app won’t let me in other than to chat and responses are rare. I waited over 24 hours at one point . They blockd my card twice in 72 hours!!! And not for any good reason. I am pregnant and TBH the stress is getting to me. I have savings in there to cover medical Bill’s relating to pregnancy.

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Hi there. I’m trying to get in touch with someone since 10am because my account has been blocked . Could you please help me out

I have the same issue, it’s pending now 7 days (the top up is still pending and chat is not responding for 3 days)

I’ve received some money from hmrc and the next thing I know my account has been blocked. And they didn’t even answer when I reply to them. And all the money at I my account no cash

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So if it makes anyone feel better and gives anyone hope my account is finally sorted…it took a long time but at least it is done. I think that they may have a few time staff issues due to covid 19. Do not give up hope, and try not to get too stressed please? Lots of love x

How can I unlock the account or how long it takes to unlock?

I have the same problem.
Did you solved it?

How long it takes?

I have the same problem, now it has been more than 24 hours, I got no response on the APP

Have the same problem

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seems so many people are waiting in queue

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I have the same problem. There is no response on the chat.

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