Top up and order first card for free

I’ve just installed revolut the first time. It says I can get a card for free after I top up. So I decided to top up, since I want to withdraw cash. I click get card for free and I’m presented with 3 options


I click on 1) and it asks me to upgrade to Revolut Premium for £7


Hey @bizso09 :slight_smile:

The card is indeed free, but the shipping is not (for example, a virtual one, that doesn’t require shipping, will result in a total deduction of £0).

There have been some promotions running which reduced or eliminated the shipping costs temporarily, but they’re over for now. So, basically, you can get a free card but there’s no free shipping option at the moment :wink:

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It’s possible to get the card for free through a Revolut Ambassador (correct me if this is not true).

Hi there. Was this a promotion you saw?

Generally, as a standard user you will have to choose the paid delivery option.

@bizso09, you can only get a free :r: card with free delivery from a Revolut Ambassador, just confirmed it.

@Specter What the hell is a Revolut Ambassador and how do I contact one to get a free card?

@Juliopp In the app, before you top up, it clearly says that you can get a free card once you top up. I was expecting free, as in free beer, not as in I’m free to order a card and pay delivery fee on top of it. Before that, I saw a promotion online about getting a free physical card with my first top-up.

@bizso09 check your messages, I sent you one.

Free beer isn’t delivered to your home internationally through postal service.

However, please, feel free to treat yourself to a pair of samples of two magnificent perfumes specifically tailored to your taste from Penhaligon’s. The whole process is mesmerising and they’re absolutely free*:

Or, even better, get 250 business cards from Vistaprint shipped to your door, they’re free**:


*: £5.50 shipping fee
**: €9.99 shipping and handling fee


@juliopp thanks for pointing that out. This is why I don’t use those services either.

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How did you become an ambassador? Did you convert to the faith of Revolutism? :wink:


Good afternoon y’all,

Much like bizso09 I was very much interested to receive my free physical card only to find that I too will be charged. I feel like a fool for topping up £10 with the intention to test drive this teal-ish beauty out for a test drive when it’s delivered only to realise that the promo of free delivery for the card ended long ago. :sob:

Is there any chance that a Revolut Ambassador would be willing to help me out?

Also, how does one become a Revolut Ambassador? I’m thinking, as I love the idea behind Revolut, if I do enjoy the service I would be more than happy to invite my friends and family and I’m sure if I could offer the odd one of them something similar to what I’m asking for it may tease and entice them to join.

Thank you for reading my words and I hope you have a wonderful day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Peoples that might be able to help me, maybe: @Specter

p.s. This is the first community/forum I have posted in years so if I make any faux pas please do not hesitate to tell me off and I’ll refrain from speak such things. :zipper_mouth_face:

May I ask some ambassador for the free delivery as well? I would be really grateful for that. I would like to use free card option but it’s not so urgent and that delivery fee makes it not worth it for me.

Same here… I really need the link

This got me as well - as Juliopp says, the card is free but not delivery so cough up for the standard delivery.

Hello Specter, could you help me get a physical revolut card without shipping costs through invitation as ambassador? Many thanks indeed Specter

Hello @Specter could you help me get the free shipping for the card through your invitation? Many thanks indeed