Top up and card order without any problems


There has been quite a bit of negative feedback about Revolut these days, so I thought it might be nice to post something more on the bright side for a change :).

After Revolut announced last week the free card promo for new accounts I gave it a shot and topped up my account via a SEPA transfer. Today the funds arrived, so I headed straight for the card section and placed the order. There I was presented with three options (free express for premium accounts, paid express on non-premium accouns, and the free standard delivery because of the promo). The free option was pre-selected, so I continued and managed to order the card without any charges. Delivery is supposed to be next week.

So far at least things worked fine and I am pretty pleased with Revolut :slight_smile:
… now lets just get that banking licence rolling, shall we :wink:

Thanks @AndreasK @JessicaZ @revolut

Can not order my physical card
What is the deal about the free card offer?

A quick follow-up. Today I received my card (a day earlier than anticipated by Revolut). Despite not having been ordered under the premium program its casing came with a pull-out mechanism, which was a nice touch (not that it makes a difference to using the card, but it is still a nice touch packaging-wise).

I havent tried the card itself yet, but will do so in the next days and will report back here.

So far my personal experience with Revolut has been quite good. Signing-up worked without problems, so did the verification, topping up was not a problem either and worked out within the expected time, and ordering (as part of the promo) and receiving the card also worked as expected.

Now if Revolut could make some improvements in the support area and make some (for me necessary) features available more quickly I shall be happiest customer :smiley:

Anyway though, thanks for the free card promo and the good service so far (well, yeah, support is a tad slow :wink: ) - kudos to @revolut, @AndreasK, and @JessicaZ


First payment done, card fully active now, everything smooth so far in terms of ordering and using the card.

:+1: :r:


The best part will start when you travel abroad :grinning::sunglasses:


I guess I know what you meant by that - but going through the forum that could be almost misunderstood :smiley:


It is difficult to get through to live agents on the app. That’s why many people come here only if they come cross problems. Some of them act like lunatics as they lose patience with Revolut. The reality is different. Just have a look at the positive feedback in the App Store.:smile:


Second transfer. Went through in one day again. :+1::r: