Top up and can't send the money

Dear Community, I have a question. I topped up my account via bank transfer on 3rd May and until now I haven’t received it yet. The problem is I’m not able to send the money on my account to anyone, does my account being blocked? Then what will happen to the money that I topped up? Will it be back to my bank account? I’ve sent many message to Revolut but no replies yet. Could anybody here help me out with these issues? Maybe someone experienced the same situation like me? Thank you and have a great day! @anon33247966

IMHO you’re not verified… That’s why you’re unable to send money.

What kind of transfer did you do, which currencies, wich account details (local or SWIFT)? Transfers can take everything between a couple fo hours (UK faster payments) to 5 business days (international SWIFT transfers). When calculating the time, consider that next Monday is an official UK bank holiday.

If you‘re account is blocked, you will notice this. If you don‘t see a gigantic lock in the home screen and the message that your account is locked for security reasons, all seems fine. :wink:

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@redi I’m using Revolut since 2016 and I already topped up many many times. Only this time I’ve found out that I’m not able to send money to anyone and I topped up my account via bank transfer. I’m just worried what will happen with the money now, will it be back to my bank account or what?

hi @Frank thank you so much for the reply. I’m using local not the SWIFT. I didn’t see any “gigantic lock in the home screen or the message that your account is locked for security reasons” can you please send me the picture how it looks like?
let say my account is fine and the money is on the way to my account, the question is why I’m not able to send my money (like 1 eur) to anyone on my contact? I know I do have a payment problem (subscription) that’s why I topped up my account. But would it be back like normal after the account being topped up? Thanks

No, I don‘t have a screenshot of that lock. Sorry. But believe me, there is no way you would not notice if your account would be locked.

I think there is a minimum amount for outgoing bank transfers. It might be 2 EUR.

P2P payments to other Reovlut user‘s should allow smaller amounts, though.

hi @Frank thanks for the reply, I also tried to send more than 1 eur, like 2 or 4 eur but still the “send” button is grey, meaning i can’t transfer the money. Thanks

What kind of transfer are you trying to do? P2P, bank transfer, via the address book, that creates a link for payments?

Is your account fully verified?

Hi @Frank, just a normal “send money” to friends on my contact tho! I’m using Revolut long time ago, I guess my account is verified since I didn’t have any problem at all to top up or to using my account (inside the country or abroad) but now it seems weird that I can’t send money to one of my friends. I really don’t get it if my account is being blocked or not, but I’ve sent message via chat and still no answer. Thanks!

Are you using the lastest version of the app? Have you tried to log out and in again? Sometimes, deleting the app and installing it again helps.

Hi @Frank I did what you’ve told and still I’m not able to “send money” it is just frustrating right since I really have no idea what will happen to my money that’s being top up on my account.

My guess is that this bug is not related to incoming transfers at all. If you did a SEPA EUR transfer, it might not arrive before Tuesday next week. What’s your balance? Do you have sufficient funds that would allow the 1 EUR transfer?

Concering support chat: just provide them as much details as possible, including screenshots that show the greyed out button upfront. This way, they can look into it and might be able to provide an explanaiton right away once an agent is assigned to your case. You can avoid a lengthy time consuming chat with them and you don’t have to wait for there response.

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Hi @Frank thanks alot for your replies. My balance is only 4 eur and I topped up 1.000 eur that’s why I’m confused right now. I will do everything incl. screen shot. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: !!

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