Top-up / add card bug


When I tried to add a credit card, after completing all the information (address, card number, CVV) and clicked on the “continue” a pop-up appears it loads for a few seconds and then it disappears, redirecting you back to the address info. I clicked that button a 2nd time and then it worked.

At this time I said ok, maybe it has some delay. Then tried to top-up and the same bug occured!!!
The problem is that this time, I got 2 top-ups in pending instead of 1 that I initially wanted to do.

With all that said, I would like to cancel both payments and uninstall this app.

I had it all, no support whatsoever, bugs and now I’m being forced to use the community since no1 is answering me. I would better not have to deal with this on the future.


Try ask them by DM on Twitter or Facebook or maybe @AndreasK will help you.


Hi there.

Is the 3Ds of your card active?


Yes, anyway I’m done with this can you please remove this account?


What do you mean? Could you please clarify?


What do I mean, read the 1st post. I don’t trust this company anymore and I want you guys to remove my account since there’s no option to remove it inside the application.


Really sorry to hear that. We do not advice closing your Revolut account, as it is difficult to set up a new account with the same mobile number. Revolut does not charge you to keep an account that is inactive.

However, if you would like to close your account you must remove all of the funds within the account. Then, please contact us via the in-app support so we can delete it for you. You will need to answer some security details first.

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