Top daily/monthly/yearly limits

Hi, I never had to verify my account. I guess if was automatic. However, j really need to know the maximum limits I can send on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.

I have large funds to send and receive.

How much can I hold in my account at one time? I could potentially need to send €100,000 a day for a month or so.

Is this possible?

The extra verification team and online chat hasn’t worked now for 24 hours. I really need answers to these questions. I couldn’t find anything on the faq


Most money will be received by my Revolut account in € and is going to be sent straight out to my Triodos bank account in £ on a fairly regular basis. I doubt there will ever be more than €100,000 at any one time

100,000 a day in and out? :r: doesn’t need your business!

What do you mean? I have a Triodos bank account that doesn’t support SEPA.

I have a level 4 tier Kraken account for crypto I invested a long time ago where my daily withdrawal limit is €100,000 and monthly is €500,000.

I’m quite keen to cash in my investments now. Revolut and Kracken seem to be the easiest and lowest fees to do this.

If someone knows a better way I’m all ears. Or if someone can just tell me the limits.

Many thanks