Tokyo trip

Hi everybody.
Do you if revolut card can be used in Tokyo to pay hotels, museum, coffee shop… and all that you can do during holidays with family?
I do not want to spend time to ATM and prefer pay directly with revolut card (I have visa + MasterCard)
Also do you know if wireless payment is generally accepted or not.
Thanks for your answer and recent experience.

Hotels. Yes.
Museums. Maybe
Coffee shops. Maybe

ATMs : 7-Eleven, JPost and AEON with no fees. Lawson has a fee as I remember.
90% of other ATMS (bank ones, not stores) won’t work at all with any foreign card.

The problem is that you can’t pay with card (no matter if Revolut or other foreign card) in many places. And also, many places lacks POS

Wireless payments are accepted… but not in the same way. They have their own system (SUICA and EDY in Tokyo). So, it won’t work. Even foreign iPhones can’t use Apple Pay in Japan… you need a “Japanese iPhone”

You can’t actually buy many things, including transportation, with a card in Japan.

It’s kinda mostly cash culture.

Ah. And btw. Activate your magnetic stripe in security settings, they barely heard about chip and pin

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