Today is UK Bank Holiday and USA Public Holiday - Does Revolut apply weekend surcharge?


28 May is a Bank Holiday in the UK as well as USA. I am not sure what implications it has on FX market but would be very keen to find out if Revolut charges extra for currency exchanges and card payments on day like this? Is weekend surcharge applied on Bank/Public Holidays? Thanks.


Judging from 16.2 at I’d understand holidays are considered like weekends

for major currencies during FX market hours the Standard Exchange Rate will be the interbank rate. However, in certain circumstances, it is not possible for the Standard Exchange Rate to be the interbank rate including when the FX market is closed on weekends or on bank holidays


First, all Revolut staff dissapeared for several days, then alessandro and Juliopp went missing as well. I call it Revolut flu! :joy:

Back to the topic. That is my impression as well. The reason I am asking is I exchanged quite large sum of money from EUR to GBP on 7 May, UK Bank Holiday, and only later realised that the rate seemed lower than what I expected it to be. It seems more clear now why this wasn’t just rate fluctuation…


I took some break from the Revolut forum :slight_smile:

Was it at least “just” the 0.5 surcharge or did Revolut go wild again :wink:


It is reasonable to take steps in order to preserve your sanity :rofl:


The charge was within Revolut’s limits and it was entirely due to my lack of attention to details.

Anyway, I consider myself to be more familiar with Revolut’s T&Cs than the average person and yet I was not aware of the bank holiday situation. It just made me realise how complex it must be for someone who just opened their first fintech account with Revolut.

Even if they go through the effort of reading t&cs and faq (and I believe they should), the chances are they will forget most of it very soon unless they actively use all Revolut’s features or are interested in fintech.

It would be more transparent to list all fees separately in app at the time of weekend and bank holiday conversion, transaction or at all times for cryptocurrencies’ purchases. I am not a big fan of incorporating fees in all mentioned financial transactions and making them invisible as a result.

Don’t forget that currency exchange shops have been doing exactly this for decades and telling us that “you always get the best rate with them!”


At least for GBP against a couple of popular currencies I tested the spread between buy and sell is 0% Today.


I don’t think there has been any surcharge besides the weekend. Whas’s happening is that the euro has been losing quite a bit of value since Monday, which I find odd as I don’t see any event that may be causing it


Italy’s political mess is causing the collapse


Probably that’s it, for some reason hadn’t thought of it, despite it being on the news a lot