$ to Sterling transfer


Is it possible to register 2 bank accounts with Revolut to be able to transfer $ from a US bank account (legit) to a UK bank account - private and owned by the same person ?


Hey @homer1105 :slight_smile:

To top-up in USD through bank transfer you should be making a bank transfer to the UK anyway (legit)… So I am not understanding the whole point of it. :frowning:

Also, the way it is explained makes it sound soooo suspicious (legit) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, entirely legit.
I lived in South Carolina for the last 4 years, now relocated back to the
UK. I have a Wells Fargo bank account in SC and simply need to transfer
Wells Fargo seem unable to deal with any transaction which is international!
Can you believe:
If I want to transfer money online (say $10) from my account to someone in
the same town - transfer happens same day.
If a person lives in another town 20 miles away (I have done this many
times to pay bills) the online service advises this will take 5 business
days . Why ? Because the bank receives the online request, someone in the
bank hand writes a cheque and sends it to the recipient !!!
A requerst to transfer money to another state requires a huge authorisation
An internation transfer = “tilt” - they have no idea how to handle.


Hey @homer1105 :slight_smile:

That’s bad :sleepy:

As long as I’m informed, though, topping up in USD through bank transfer from the US does still require an international transfer for now (anyone, correct me if I’m wrong please) :frowning:

You might consider topping :r: with a debit USD card with a fee of 1% though :wink:


Well, luckily @homer1105, there is now Zelle, the new service that is going to make transfers in the US between banks more affordable and faster. Wells Fargo was a founding member, they should offer it to all their customers by now.

Back to your original question: one does not need two accounts with Revolut to receive transfers in different foreign currencies. This is already built into every account. Just look up the account details for top ups for each supported currency in the app and use these details for your international transfer.

If you are going to transfer USD from a US Wells Fargo account to your UK Revolt account, it is going to be a SWIFT transfer. They can be costly, even without currency exchange. You might want to look into services like Transferwise or Uphold to save some bucks here. It would be like this: Wells Fargo --> Transferwise/Uphold --> Revolut.

Tip: use Apple Pay! If you have an Apple Pay supported card from Wells Fargo, you could transfer funds this way! (There might be a fee for USD top ups via Apple Pay. I would try it with a small amount first. Or search this forum. Other users reported here that they use this method as the cheapest method for top ups in USD.)


Don’t use Uphold they will rip you off. They are liars!!!
Unfortunately it happened to me. I transferred money from my Uphold account (in GBP) to my UK bank account (also in GBP) and surprisingly I’ve been charged a huge conversion fee by my bank because Uphold did NOT send the money in GBP but instead did it in EUR.