to Perk or not to Perk ;)


Nice try, but no. They will be different :wink:



Well, Revolut is indeed an exercise in patience on many levels. Fortunately, my monk like nature isn’t yet affected. :wink:



Lol!!! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Will I need a more expensive account to have a metal card, or will I get a free one with Premium?



It’s like the announcement. Metal goes to a service called “premium of premium”
So, it’s standard account, premium and metal or premium of premium.



We’re expecting three tiers:

  • free
  • premium
  • metal

Metal will be the most expensive.

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No offence Vlad, but has it ever occurred to Revolut that customers might not want surprises? Particularly when it comes to financial matters.

Is it really that hard to maintain a somewhat transparent communication? Banking licence for example, I understand you might not be able to pinpoint an exact day, but at least a rough estimation. Same goes for local top-up accounts.


Please add back the top-up limit gauge

apparently perks are available only for UK.

Thanks revolut for making another discriminatory decision :cry: :man_facepalming:

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I remember someone from France also getting them.



Who’s French user? Hmm
I remember only a guy from UK. While the rest nothing.

Waiting for a frenchie approval :slight_smile: the perks thing looks nice tho.



Any news on Perks?
Will they be available in all counties?

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@VladZ, are Perks available to all Revoluters, regardless of their actual residence countries within the EEA, if they happen to spend in markets supporting the Perks, or are these available to users only on the basis of their actual residence country?

To put it another way round - are only Revolut users with a residence in eligible Perks markets entitled to get and use Perks anywhere where Perks are supported, or are ALL Revolut users, regardless of their official residence country, who happen to use their cards in an eligible market (like the UK) entitled to such promos if they happen to spend in say the UK?

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Then can we expect it to go live?

Earn cash rewards with Revolut Perks BETA

The easiest way to get rewarded - just do your everyday spending with your Revolut card to win some unbeatable perks. Perks is only available for selected users during the beta.



The link in my initial post is still invalid. —.—