Tips not showing at all


I’m just bk from NYC and read on here about paying tips with revolut and your total bill being put on hold twice until the larger bill cleared.

I used my card a few times but no tips are showing at all on my account. The money has now all come out for the meals but tips are still not showing does anyone know why?


The first charge is the food only and the second is the one containing of food with tips. One of them will not be accepted ( the one without tips).

That’s how it is working out and works for me.

Hope that clarifies things,


Hi, thanks for your reply! I maybe didn’t explain it right. Only one payment ever showed in my accout- the payment for food only. I didn’t experience two like I have read with others. I’m wondering if the tip will come out later even though it’s not even showing as pending in my account.


That’s weird. In my account there were two statements all the time. Maybe they will charge that later but usually they don’t have a delay with that.

It’s a interesting fact how it’s working with you, keep us posted if there is something coming up. I can only say for my part that there was nothing unusual paying tips in NYC


Yes, because everything I read was about 2 payments which makes sense in a way. I rang my bf to double check we weren’t being silly and it was just food we had paid for. Tips are definitely not paid and my account is showing no pending transactions. I shall keep you posted, thanks again for all your help.


Sure, you’re very welcome.

Maybe you paid the tip in cash ? That’s what I tend to do, to not have 2 pending payments on the account.


No definitely not, I checked my recipets there to be sure. I didn’t actually bring cash. My bf did but I didn’t want to pay $3 to take out cash over there so used my card for everything. lol I wish now I had just taken cash and used it for tips! I’ll know for next time.


okay, well maybe they forgot to do the payment or something went wrong. It’s truly some kind of weird that it is that different.


Hi @lau, I can confirm what you are saying. I also did not see two payments or a second one for the tip when paying in restaurants in the US.

My assumption is that the final deducted amount changed to a higher amount including the tip during settlement.

I did not care too much back then about it, but I checked of course after the payment was no longer pending that it showed the same amount in the Revolut app and on the paper receipt, including the tip.


Hi @Frank,
that is so interesting. I will pay attention to it when I pay the restaurant with my Revolut including the tip next time. This definitely caught my curiosity now. Maybe some restaurants also do handle that differently.


Yes, I can see restaurants and payment providers handling it differently.

I remember it like this: waiter swipes the card and hands over the receipt for signature. Revolut notification shows up. One adds the tip on the receipt and signs it. The amount in the app stays the same until it changed from pending to not pending. The final amount magically changed to include the tip.

This only works with swipe + signature, I assume.


it could be that that payment was processed offline and it might take several days to show up


Hi all, thanks for your replies. I can confirm my tips are all out. As stated here they tracked at a lower rate then came out. Which is good as it means I didn’t have lots of money on hold until they were taken.