Tips in the USA for a hundredth time... :) Negative account balance possible! :)

A hypothetical situation: I have 50 bucks on my USD account.

My US restaurant bill is 45 dollars and the payment is made the “traditional” way so authorization for 45 plus signing the slip. I am adding a tip of 10 dollars.

With how it works today, the actual charge once the transaction has been completed is 55 dollars.

What happens to my balance once the transaction has been completed??? Am I going to end up with minus 5 dollars?

I am actually really very close to this right now and will provide feedback. But maybe someone knows already.

Would you add the tip before you hand them the card or afterwards? In the first case they would charge you 55 and the transaction would fail. In the second case - as far as I am aware - there’d be usually two charges 45 + 55 (of which the first one should usually revert after a few days) and while the first one would go through the second one would fail once again as there’d be only five dollars left.

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I’ve just tipped a dozen times over the last 10 days. I haven’t seen a single “double transaction” scheme you’re talking about.
It would always work the usual way, just like for credit cards. So the completed transaction would be higher than the pending one.

If there is a completed and a pending one, how come you say there is no double transaction?

But whats your question exactly? You seem to be quite familiar with how it works. Is the question whats going to happen when you are charged 55 and you only have 50? Then, it would fail.

I’ve always assumed it would go through as a single transaction. In your example therefore the transaction would be rejected and not go through due to insufficient funds. If you had sufficient funds in total in another currency it would convert and deduct it from there.

As for the double transaction

As I said and I know what I’m saying :wink: - I have not seen any double transaction.

I can see all the tipped bills as a single transaction where the completed (aka ‘final’) amount is higher than the authorized one. This is not unusual for credit cards, for instance.
Unless it happens behind the scenes and the pre-authorization transaction is taken off at the same time and is totally transparent. It may be the case.

Similarly, with gas stations it’s just the same but the opposite way so the final amount is lower than the initial one.

What happens in a bank- I do know. Bank will put the final charge on the account regardless. What will Revolut do? I’m soon to find out I guess :slight_smile:

I am not saying you dont know it :slight_smile: I was merely asking for clarification as you referred to a pending and a completed transaction and that sounds like two :wink:

I can only refer you to Andreas’ link, I havent used Revolut in the US myself yet.

So to make it quick. The tip has been processed along with the transaction and here’s the result. Way to go, Revolut overdraft :wink:

BTW- the ‘Shell’ transacton will soon turn completed to $20 , so I’ll have $3,3 again.