Tips for personalized cards

The new feature to personalize cards is really GREAT (expecially on Metal I think…!).

BUT I have some suggestions about it…

Symbols: I think it would be nice to have “infinite” symbol (great for a card, expecially on VISA!) and some crypto symbols/coins or a whale (we whales are demanding persons, I know… :wink: ).

More… in the draw section some basic tools (like a square, a line, a circle) would be nice and in text section some more fonts and font size would be very useful.

At the end… the possibility to upload a b/w png would be nice too… :wink:

Great work anyway!!

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Since they’re saying this feature is coming soon on Revolut,

Would be cool if they could make it like carbonco skins. Let you esign your own or choose a pre-designed card for instance.

I’m already testing it on latest beta… my considerations are based on it! :wink:

INFINITE symbol is a MUST!!! :sunglasses:

Please add it!!!