Time required to remove yearly fx limit?

How long does it usually take to remove the yearly fx exchange limit?

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A year :shushing_face:? No but seriously, it takes a year since your join date.
Lets say you joined Nov 3rd, it will reset onNov 3rd,midnight.

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What do you mean by remove?
It never gets removed but it does reset to zero as described above.

There is a monthly FX limit for the free standard account, there is no FX limit on premium accounts.

isn’t this automatic, right after switching to premium?

It is. With premium, you should not have exchange fees anymore.

But you will still have an annual top up limit.

I can’t see the limits in the new update, I’m not a premium member. So, where is that information?
I’m talking about the yearly top up and not the fx limits.

Top up limit

In 5.10 there is no top up limit setting. I’m wondering if we have unlimited top up?

I’m still on 5.9. - will update if I can

Top-ups, top-ups for everyone

Hmmmmm - I cant find it either.
@anon33247966 can you help us on this when you get a chance?

How do we check the annual top up limit in version 5.10?


Maybe this is it

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The annual top up limit has been removed :slight_smile: :tada:


What exactly? The exchange limit or the overall top-up limit (not the personal one)?

This means unlimited top up?

So now I can top up 100.000€ :thinking:
I have some offshore companies in Panama and Lebanon. Would love to do that, that’s in perfect times with my legal residency relocation to belgium*

Wink wink :wink: joking :joy:

*when I told a friend I want to that, he asked me if I want to do money laundering because that’s why most Belgians would change their residency without to live there :man_facepalming: I’ll do it because I don’t understand a damn thing of the dinosaurus :t_rex: era Romanian fiscal authority :man_facepalming: so I prefer to pay my taxes somewhere else, cos I work online and I prefer to be ok. (Anyone else wants to adopt me?)

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You can transfer any amount to your Revolut account, but we may require you to verify your source of funds. If we need you to do this, we’ll notify you with a push notification and an email.

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And will the account be locked until this verification is carried out?
How long will the verification take?

Without these answers it may be just as likely to cause major issues as an overlimit top up does now but without any warning it;s coming.

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