Time lapse


Does there need to be a time lapse between doing a Top up and making a withdrawal from an ATM?? It appears to be possible to Top up and immediately do an online transaction. Today, I topped up but HSBC ATM said something about ‘temporary issue with your institution’ and did not dispence cash!


Hey @Ellen16 :slight_smile:

There’s not such a requirement, your withdrawal failed for some other reason :frowning:


Thank you Julio! I’m not sure what the problem was. In broken English I got
msg like " we temporarily can’t do business with your institution’ !! I
waited a few days and used the ATM of a different bank. There was no issue!


Fantastic, @Ellen16 :smile:
Guess it was definitely a temporary issue either from the :atm: or from :r: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: