Time Based Card Unlock

I’d like to suggest a time based security unlock feature where I can allow ATM withdrawals for 5 minutes and then the card will lock again. I live in Bali where skimming is rife and always forget to turn off ATM withdrawals again after I allow them.


But that won’t prevent the skimming process if you happen to use compromised ATM. Yes, freezing the card will keep your money safe, but you will have to deal with compromised card nonetheless.

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If they can’t get my money I don’t really care if they have a copy of my card. It going to happen anyway at some point here.

Is it that bad? Aren’t there some more secure ATM, like inside bank offices or something?

While I understand your concerns I dont think this ever going to happen cause then we should allow time based internet purchasing, time based shopping permission, timed based swipe access etc etc.

Why dont you just keep your cell in your hands, allow ATM withdrawal, get cash and disable your card?

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Maybe better idea is then to add (optional) “count based” atm withdrawal ? Took out cash 1 time, boom - auto-disable.


Sounds great. Even better. :+1:t2:


I could also visit a human bank teller during office hours at the branch in the middle of the city but I thought we were in the process of providing effective convenience through a better banking system.

They can use it in store and pay with your money

That would be very useful!

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