Three and a half hour and no support


I have a large payment being lost (at least nobody from Revolut has confirmed it) and it is not on my account, i urgently need access to the money and there is no-one in support responding.


…for almost 4 hours now!


Same here… No reply via app chat and facebook. Money blocked


The problem I experience is that, though I have been in touch with 2 persons from Revolut over the past week none of them actually resolved the issue. So support is probably partially over busy as they do not manage to resolve issues - they discuss issues with clients…but as they are not resolved, the pile of issues are just stacking up!


If this issue is not resolved by tonight I will take a few hours off tomorrow and go over to Level 39 to ensure that my issue is solved. You cannot be sitting on people’s money without even responding for days…!


We are in touch via private message to resolve this.


Saw your message - many thanks for reaching out!


Now the third person (Larysa) has exchanged with me about the incoming transfer (proof of payment has been supplied three times) and there is STILL no solution to my issue - ie my account is not credited with the funds which arrived a week ago!! Tomorrow I will go to Level 39 (the Revolut offices) to try to resolve the issue in person - this is leading nowhere!