Thoughts about Revolut Premium?

The new Revolut Premium hast just been released.
What do you think of it?

I’ve been looking forward to this announcement but the terms are quite disappointing. €8/month and still only €400 ATM withdrawal limit in a bundle with a useless health insurance policy that only covers travel up to 20 days while the weekend surcharges stay the same. And how is the “premium” card any different the regular one? If it’s just the color then I’m afraid most people prefer blue to pink.

I’ll pass.


£6.99/month too expensive TBH. Most of the benefits aren’t worth it and for me the only thing worth upgrading for was an increase in the ATM limit which I hadn’t realised Revolut had lowered. Not impressed!


Incredibly disappointed. 7,99€/m is quite a lot. And what do you get for that, only 200€ more ATM free allowance which is still very little.
You get a travel insurance that costs less elsewhere in most cases if you buy separately.

New card colour schemes are also quite horrible. Whats with the girly colours? Cant you make a black or white or some neutral colour card ?

For me, a premium card would have to cost between 2-4€/m and would have to have either free unlimited ATM withdrawals, or have for example 3 free withdrawals/month.
If I travel to Asia one or two times per year, I might as well pay the ATM fee and avoid the steep monthly fee for premium account.

complete bollocks.


I was looking forward to it , hoping that it will be an unlimited free withdrawals like N26 Black, but this is now very disappointing to see that it will be only 400 Euros a month.


What do I think of it? Not much to be quite honest.
For a monthly fee of €8, I would certainly expect an ATM limit of more than just €400 per month. All the other stuff doesn’t interest me at all, least of all the design of the card!
Just hope there are no further changes to the disadvantage of standard Revolut users. If so, I will be seeking an alternative.

This said, I have had no problems with Revolut whenever I have used it (so far only in the UK and Denmark). Contactless payment works brilliantly (including use as an alternative to an Oyster card on London’s public transport network).
The integrated UK bank account is a great feature too.
Like many other users, my only real issue is the monthly ATM limit. Started at €650, which for me was fine, and was then reduced massively to just €200. OK, you can pay by card for many things and at many locations, but sometimes there is no alternative but to pay in cash. €200 isn’t much for a family of 4 on a fortnight’s holiday, for example.


Agree with the others, sadly the ATM limitation is a real gripe. I do however like your business game and making it the access to investment. Sadly it seems this has crashed support systems, both sms login, and trying to sign up for premium it currently displays £0 and crashes the app when accepted… :slight_smile:

In a word: underwhelming.

Here’s why:

  • Cost: Asking people to go from £0 pa to £80pa a huge ask (cost and psychologically). Obviously I have no way to know the exact calcs, but I would think that the annual cost would outweigh the Revolut fx savings for the average user.
  1. Competitors: the market is heating up, several competitors. You’re not the only player in the game, Revolut.

  2. Premium offers not a single ‘dealmaker’. The closest thing is the ATM withdrawal limit increase to £400… and even that is a stretch given the competition out there.

Most would have thought that the monthly ATM would at least go back up to £500… £400? That’s a night or two out on the town. All I need to do is sign up for a [competitor starting with ‘M’ card (or other alternative). Once I use up my £200 monthly limit, Ill start on my £1000 ‘M’ monthly limit…

  1. Premium non-features? free delivery, 24/7 customer support, spare cards, card colours, medical insurance? These are hardly features that add any value to anyone on a day to day level or features not already offered by other banks (which most of us already are signed up to) for free… already!

It’s as if Revolut asked their community users for feedback on how to make an awesome premium service, got the feedback, wrote it all down, laughed, then threw it in the bin!

Not hatin’, just sayin.

I really really love Revolut, but I seriously think someone dropped the ball on this one…

Tip: listen to your users, you need them more than they need you.


I had the same problem. Delete and re-install the app to fix it! :raised_hands:t3:

I totally agree 400 a month the free card stared higher… if i go to thailand for example i m charged 10 euro per withdrawel. In that case if i use the atm i want to take as much as possible not only 400

And 20 days medical??? Most people in the netherlands go 3 to 4 weeks on holiday in the summer. All the rest off the bennifits are useless

Pls stop stripping down the possibilities of the free card and give some real value to the premium card

Initially, excited about this, but sadly disappointed. I don’t mind paying for an upgrade to the service, but the free cash withdrawal limit is too low for most people. Not sure about the 20 day limit on travel insurance either. The design of the card doesn’t bother me in the slightest though - more important things to worry about! Maybe the upgrade needs more thought?

Over 7€/month. Not for me.
I got a Visa Platinum card for 10€/month from a traditional bank with extended insurances and garanties + concierge. I don’t see myself paying for Revolut PremiumL

Compared to Halifax Clarity it does not stack up. It doesn’t cost anything.
(I don’t use the Clarity card for cash withdrawals)

Lately Halixfax also seems to update transaction on the app pretty fast. As in 1/2 minutes from transaction. Which is pretty fast for a traditional bank.

The revolut app is still significantly easier to use and faster though.

I invested in Revolut’s first crowdfunding round. I have signed up to Revolut Premium only to be able to invest in the second round.

On one hand I am happy to see Revolut being creative in finding ways to engage with the user base - on the other hand, I am being taxed by Revolut, through Revolut Premium, to be allowed to invest in the second round. Perhaps you expect me to fall in love with Premium over time. Perhaps you hope I will forget to cancel my automatic re-subscription to it next year. Either way, you will not be able to gauge the true demand for Premium until next year when those who simply signed up to invest in the company cancel their Premium accounts.

Revolut Premium is not the reason to invest in Revolut, at least not in it’s current form.

While the Premium features are nice, they are indeed as some have stated tough to swallow.

  • Revolut Premium costs more than my Mastercard Gold (6,50 Euros / Month) which includes travel cancellation insurance, Online purchasing fraud protection, and more (less relevant for Revolut enthusiasts).
  • Revolut Premium offers ATM withdrawals of up to 400 GBP / month which is less than the 500 that was first offered for free. Your most important users are those that have been with you from the start, don’t forget them.
  • Could someone at Revolut please explain why HSBC, Barclays etc. do not charge for ATM withdrawals? At a minimum they do not charge for ATM withdrawals on home soil. So, at what level of business would Revolut be able to offer completely free ATM withdrawals? Revolut prides itself on transparent pricing but this issue is one of the least transparent ones out there. Before Fintechs came along, consumers never thought there was a cost associated with ATM withdrawals!

Some Revolut users don’t understand business all too well and expected Premium to cost 1 or 2 Euros a month and to offer unlimited ATM withdrawals. That was never going to happen.

Revolut Premium Card Design
The designs are clean and different. If some men have a problem with the color pink, welcome to 2017. It’s fresh, and I will never mistake the Revolut Premium card for another in my wallet. I anticipate in the future, Revolut Premium will cost less, around 3.5 Euros a month while a new Revolut Platinum is introduced which will cost approximately the same as Premium does now and will include more perks (a la American Express). You can leave the “black” design for that one.

Revolut Premium Features

  • I would advise to increase the ATM withdrawal limit to 500 GBP / month to match what was previously free. Someone pointed out that they would just use a competitor’s card which allows 1000 / month withdrawals instead. Mind the competition. (They will also drop their ATM allowance at some point but that doesn’t mean they can’t get some Revolut users to jump ship first).
  • 24/7 customer support is nice, but I wouldn’t call it a feature. Since Revolut is a start-up, your customer support is more “Risk Mitigation” for your reputation than it is a value-add feature for users. In my entire life I have had to call my card provider once - because they are well established and don’t screw up.
  • The Foreign Medical Insurance is a nice touch, depending on the country you are from. Useless for some countries though where it is part of the health plan anyway. Think about implementing Travel Cancellation Insurance at the same price point.

Happy Weekend.


Too expensive for the levels you are offering. Medical insurance is useless to most and cheaper elsewhere

In a word - underwhelmed.
I have been with revolut for about a year, and like it a lot. That said, it is just a card, and needs to stay on its toes. The new Premium card does not live up to that.
Like another user here, I also only signed up to be able to invest in Revolut. But, honestly, it is lacking.
How about topping up in more currencies? Personally, I would like DKK, I have read others wanting Swiss Franc. You say it’s on its way, but what is the timeframe?
Also, perks like access to airport lounges (or at least one or two per year) would be welcome.
And a major issue - how about adding ability to save points when using the card? Like 1% saved up for use for flights or something else? With Bank Norwegian Visa card, you save 1% for use on their routes, and alsom they cooperate with Rocket Miles, where you can earn more points. Just a thought.

Thoes things, in my opinion would differentiate the Premium card from the original one. Until then, it is just a name.
Thank you,

Excellent evaluation. Besides, what’s the point of using Revolut as true bank account (e.g. to get my salary and pay bills by direct debit) if I can only cash £200 per month in the UK? I am sorry… I am looking at competition, can someone please point me names? Thanks.

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Hey all, over the next 6 months we are putting together some really exciting things that will be added into Revolut Premium. Rather like Amazon Prime, which initially only offered free two day shipping, gradually the package was added to and added to over time, until now you have an amazing suite of services. This will be our approach also. If it’s not for you right now, keep checking back, as we’ll be adding things fast. Also, feel free to suggest more things you’d like from the service.


Gadget cover for starters!


That’s a good one. Theft of devices would be a low-hanging fruit to address, in terms of insurance.

And also one that would be more useful to more people.

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