Thomson travel agent in UK is not supported by Revolut

My first post and I’m a Revolut user. I have been using my Revolut card in the UK to gain confidence before using it in Croatia later this month. Today I went to a Thomson travel bureau de change to purchase Croatian currency. Despite having sufficient funds in my account, my card was declined and my Revolut record shows “Merchant is not supported”. No fee was charged against me for the attempt and I used another card to buy my currency but I confess to having doubts about the reliability of the card. Are declined purchases common?

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I guess it is about the merchant code. One can’t use the Revolut card for some type of merchants. I vaguely remember something about that in the T&C, saying that the Revolut card can’t be used for buying currencies.

Thanks Frank. I gave myself a certain amount of reassurance by making subsequent purchases using the card. I originally thought it might be the amount as it was the largest purchase I’d attempted but you’ve cleared it up nicely. Thanks again. Balshaw

You’re welcome. When I remember it correctly, another merchant type that is also not allowed is Casinos.


There are some merchants that are not supported with your Revolut card. At the moment, this includes:

Financial securities brokers and dealers
Foreign exchange bureaus (including TravelEx ATMs)
Unmanned petrol stations (although you can still pay inside!)
Some merchants we allow up to a cumulative limit, after which you will need to verify your ID and confirm your top up cards to continue using them:

Payment services ($200 or equivalent)
Prepaid cards ($200 or equivalent)
Dating & Escort services ($200 or equivalent)
Betting/gambling services ($120 or equivalent
Merchants are categorized by their merchant category code (MCC), and this is how we recognize what type of merchant they are. A merchant can sometimes wrongfully categorise under an MCC. If you receive a push notification saying ‘This merchant isn’t supported’ when it isn’t listed above, it is likely to be because of their MCC.

@Frank thank you for being always on the point :slight_smile:

Can you suggest a merchant to be added to a list that revolut recognises? I’ve tried to use my card with a well known merchant and it said we done support this merchant. I have doubts about this bank now when it’s declining things I need to pay.