Third party can't send funds to me as LT IBAN and UK BIC issue

I made a payment to a third party (Degiro). This payment can’t be applied to my Degiro account as they don’t accept payments from Revolut. They requested my IBAN and BIC details to return the funds. Its EURO funds. I provided the euro bank account details which are a LT IBAN and UK BIC. Degiro can’t use these and have requested I contact Revolut to get correct BIC.

Anybody have any idea what I should do? I tried contacting support and got a message “Customer service will be in touch in about 12 hours” that was more than 15 hours ago and nothing back.

Please help?


You won’t get a correct BIC, Revolut is working on correct IBANs instead. Feel free to check out this thread for detailed discussions about this:

And for an alternative way to send money to your account via SEPA, check this thread:

Oh, but before you give this to a third party: You can only use this to transfer money from an account in your own name.

For the avoidance of doubt: The method quoted will not work for transferring funds to you from a 3rd party! Do not give these account details to third parties.

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Thank you so much for replying. I have reviewed the threads and have gone
with the old method of funding the account using customer reference.
Hopefully does the trick. In the meantime hope Revolut get UK IBANS issued

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John, did you get your funds returned from DeGiro? How long did it take? Thanks.

Eventually. Took a couple of days once I showed proof of payment etc.