There is no way to contact the customer support without using smartphone


It’s very annoying that I can’t contact the customer support using my PC.

I don’t have a smartphone at all and don’t want to have.

Maybe I would buy some to use it only for banking and keep it at home, but it’s very annoying that I can’t use my PC for banking.

Yes, there is a phone number. But I don’t speak English fluently and it’s very inconvenient for me to use my speech as a means of communication with other humans.

I feel discriminated.

Is it possible to use the Revolut app on a device without phone and camera or virtual machine on my PC (and use normal digital camera to make a photo of my documents for verification)?

The devices without keyboard and with small screens are very annoying, I am used to use a standard PC keyboard.


It’s not a supported method but you can use Bluestacks. It’s an Android emulator and you can use it to install Revolut.

The phone number is an automated number used for cancelling cards. It’s not used for support.


It’s probably not what you like to hear, but if you don’t like Smartphones and cannot speak the supported languages, services like Revolut are probably simply not made for you.

I suggest to look for more classic banks with personal that also speaks your native language, that may suite you better. You will not be happy with it even if you can make it somehow work technically.
It’s not supported and may break any time and you will just be more unhappy.

Why do you want to use a service that obviously isn’t made for you? Just look for something different that works better for your mindset!

…just my 0.02EUR on that topic


The issue is not with the language, but with speaking this language on the phone and using devices without keyboard and mouse. I can write in English good enough.

The phone is ancient technology, not very useful today.


I tried with Android on VirtualBox and it says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”.

Maybe it requires ‘phone’ capabilities to be enabled.


Sorry you are having such problems but to be honest Revolut is designed around smartphone useage. If you don’t want to use a smartphone it’s probably not for you, as said above.
Also its not a great idea to have only one source of cash/spending when travelling.


I use Nox App Player for my Mac. Other have suggested bluestack.


A couple of billion people may disagree on that one :slightly_smiling_face:


I would never ever use only 1 card especially if I plan to travel! You should always have a backup.