There is No Free Revolut Cards!!!


So what I undarstood is that when you order a card they didn’t send !

After that you have to order again, but the free option doesn’t work - they charge you E2.

If you cancel the order - just a sec after ordering - they didn’t give you back E2 tax delivery - the card is not yet printed, but the money for ‘delivery’ are taken!!!

After that if you order again - the NEW delivery tax is E6 - no other option except ‘express delivery’!!!

I didn’t cancel this one - may be after that the tax will be E18

So in conclusion - REVOLUT CARDS ARE NOT FREE! This is lie!!!


Before talking about lies: Contact the Revolut support.


For what? - the money for delivery are taken!!!


OK. Just give up, then. :roll_eyes:


Any other ideas __ ?


You just got an answer:


What a hell is it with all the agressive people here? Nobody will ever try to solve your problem if you keep calling people liars and add plenty of exclamation marks. I am happy to help people but if you act like a drunk shouting abusive words, go help yourself.


Man, I am absolutely positive, explaining to other people /clients/ haw the system is designed - it seems. that you will receive FREE Revolut card, but NO - YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!, because they didn’t send you and when you try to order it again - THEY CHARGE YOU! it is a simple cheet.


You’re just trolling.


Unfortunately I am not - I was charged 8 euro /can send you a screenshot/ and I still have no card!
It was written that I will receive a FREE OF CHARGE card!


So instead of fuming in here- ask in-app support for help.


Hey Vesdob

If you contact support through the in app chat, they will try their best to help you.

Last week there was a promotion where the first Revolut card was free and the shipping cost was free as well. I don’t think this offer is still valid. However the first time you create a physical or virtual card it is indeed free. However if you create a physical card the creation of the card is free but the shipping is not.

In the future i urge you to use a less agressive tone here. We are not employed by Revolut but just people who likes to help others with their questions about a service we like.


Hey there. Could you please let me know where did you see the free option?


Now, there is no such kind option, but when I ordered it was FREE and free delivery, come on I know what I did, the problem is that the card didn’t came - nobody knows if it was sent at all - no tracking infol!! … and now I have to pay for the new one - which is … paid delivery :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice!


When did you order the card?


can’t remember man, but ysturdy it was more than 5 days after delivery day, may be I am too unpation :frowning:


Well, then there is a good chance you did not order it as part of the free delivery promo. And you should have received a confirmation mail anyhow, which could tell you the date.

I received my card within about a week.


Can you please get in touch with our in-app support team. I’m sure we can get something sorted very soon.


OK sure man!

Actually - I have to appology for my words early!!!