There is no chat facility at the moment on my account?......

For Revolut Customer Services…
I’ve tried emailing yourselves though no-one is coming back to me there and I can’t chat with yourselves on the portal as it isn’t available to me at the moment for some reason.

Please help me as I’ve got an urgent payment that I need to get credited to my account.



they added a tab for the faq, the chat is still there hidding on the second tab

Zoom out in your browser if you can’t see the top of the overlay.

Indeed, I noticed this after about 5 hours and was so relieved to have found the chat facility again.

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Hi @Tim12 :wave:

Chat window fix is coming soon for all users! In the meantime, for low-res screens, you may ineed need to zoom out the page in your browser if you can’t see the top of the chat overlay.

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it would be really really amazing if you could make at least responsive to phone resolutions. just giving the css some love.

not asking for a proper progressive webapp using fancy html5 features, just a good old mobile-first responsive design


@olga_revolut it’s not about resolution as this screenshot was taken on a 2880x1440 android phone, and zooming out is not even possible. you have to set chrome to display as “desktop site”.

it’s pretty frustrating that after all this time nothing has been done about the mobile hostility of the website