The worst possible banking card (not talking about Revolut :D)


Hey there,

here’s something funny to laugh about; has anyone seen a card that’s worse than this one? :smiley: They claim to have 500.000 customers, it’s hard to believe :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


That’s Anti-king. :money_mouth_face:

When searching similar services to revolut I found many services with bad prices. But king is … totally worthless with their super expensive pricing :crazy_face:


They have a lot of customers because some of them if not all, don’t require any authentication. And it’s kinda an offshore banking.


Well, for up to 100 Euro (or 250 Euro if you’re not a German) per year. I’d hardly call that banking…


yes, when I see such ludicrous prices I instantly think that there is something illegal/weird/fishy about it. Don’t know any normal ppl who will accept such prices. There must be something else, who attracts certain kind of ppl if they really have such large userbase.


It’s for money laundering


“Register at Apple Pay” ROFL :smile: :rofl:


Oh and from the FAQ: “You can terminate your KING Prepaid Mastercard at any time. We would still be very grateful if you could give us the reason for the termination, so that we can further improve our service.” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Uhhhhhhhhhm, reason required for further improvement? :thinking: