The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)


Nigeria Free ATM withdrawal for both visa and mastercard : Access bank, UBA and Diamond bank

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Yes. It should work fine in the UK, the card is actually issued there. But make sure that if you use contactless to tap in/out that you use the same card to tap in and out.


Thanks for the info guys


Slovenia, Unicredit - no fee


Thanks for this thread, great idea! However, I wish there was an app for this based on community feedback.

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It is hard to be integrated in the app since it is not on :r: side but the fees are from other banks.


Go for it. I would start with setting up a Wiki.


We can make a Google Form so everybody can submit easily the info of the country and the ATM and make the resulting Excel from the form Public :slight_smile:


This morning I tried many Bank in Spain … with my Master Card
Santander 2 euro
Caja Rural 1,95 euro
Caixa 2 euro
Sabadell 2 euro
Bankia 2 euro
UniCaja free


Hungary: Unicreditbank (18.03.2019) - there was no fee, DCC was not even offered


Thank you very much for compiling the list :+1:

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Italy: UniCredit, for Visa. Last checked: January 2019


The ULTIMATIVE list is growing! Thank you very much for your contributions! :star_struck:

The April update was just done. Happy travels!


Great info thanks peeps


Unicredit - no fee,
BNL - no fee
(tested March 2019 with Visa)
Both ATMs proposed currency conversion.

I think that the information for Greece should be updated, based on those topics:


Tried Wells Fargo in New York City and I was asked for a 5 USD fee, making it more expensive than most other ATMs in NYC. Tried both MC and Visa.


Fee-free ATMs in Croatia:

  • PBZ (Privredna banka Zagreb)
  • Sberbank
  • OTP
  • IKB (Istarska kreditna banka)
  • Erste banka

Fee-free cash withdrawals on POS terminals in Croatia:

  • Tisak newsstands
  • Konzum shops
  • Hrvatska pošta (Croatian Post)

Fee-free ATMs in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • UniCredit Bank
  • Addiko Bank
  • Nova Banka

Avoid the following ATMs: Intesa Sanpaolo (6 BAM fee), Sparkasse (7 KM fee) and Raiffeisen BANK (8 BAM fee).

Fee-free ATMs in Germany:

  • Postbank
  • Commerzbank
  • Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW)
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All ATM’s should be fee-free in Latvia.

Only 8 banks offer ATM service.

  1. Swedbank - have 367 atms
  2. SEB banka - have 209 atms
  3. Luminor bank - have 219 atms
  4. Citadele banka - have 173 atms
  5. PrivatBank - have 14 atms
  6. BlueOrange Bank - have 5 atms
  7. PNB Banka (former Norvik) - have 3 atms
  8. Rietumu banka - have 1 atm
    ^ Those are official data, valid on 31.12.2018

Maybe I could go berserk and withdraw 5eur from all different bank atm’s to test if its free or not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But really there should not be charges for all cards - mastercad, VISA and maestro.

Personally I tested Revolut (VISA) with Citadele banka, Luminor bank, SEB Banka and Swedbank some time ago.
There was no any charges of any of those banks. DCC was not offered.


No fees from Deutsche Bank, Postbank and Reisebank in Germany.


Hi Djf,

I would be very grateful to know which Redbrou in Uruguay you used that didn’t charge you. I’m in Uruguay now and use a Redbrou with a charge of 100 pesos each transaction. if you could let me know where the ATM was that didn’t charge you would be fantastic. many thanks