The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)


Thats really stupid from their side :frowning: If those ATM’s are identical and only 1 accepts R, its very inconvienent. I would most likely not go to check 4 other same atms in same place if first one were not working.


I agree, but many things financially related in Brazil don’t make sense.


Brazil ATM update
Itaú ATMs not accepting Revolut Visa anymore


What stupid excuse does ATM display?


I can’t remember exactly but something like this card is not accepted.


I am visiting Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru over the coming months and can see any updated information on them in the spreadsheet.
Anyone have any details?


I will travel to London within the next few month.
Question: Is my NFC Revolut Card working to use it on the London Transport to purchase Tickets?
NFC Touchless! Anyone is using it and have experience on it?


Anyone knows about ATMs in Ghana? Do they charge fees?


TfL works with Revolut. Make sure to check out the informations about contactless cards and how the billing works on the TfL website.

(1st generation contactless Revolut Mastercards froze the turnstiles. If you’ve got one of those cards, Revolut would have contacted you to replace it. So I assume you’re not affected by this problem.)


As @Frank mentioned above, check that you have a relatively recent Revolut card before travelling.

If you are travelling within the London area (operated by a company called TfL), which includes all London Underground trains, the DLR network, London buses, and some other train services in and around London, you do not need to buy tickets. You can use your Revolut card account to pay for your fare directly by tapping your contactless card on the yellow (and occasional pink) card readers at the barriers.

On buses you just tap your card once when you get on the bus.

For the underground, overground, and DLR trains you must tap the same card when you go through the entrance barrier (where you start your journey), and at the exit barrier (where your journey ends). If you are changing trains/services you may also see a pink reader (with no barrier) - you must tap your card on the pink card reader if changing services.

Again, as @Frank points out, check out the TFL website ( But when you arrive, don’t hesitate to ask staff at the stations for help too.


To further add to the London tips and tricks, I would personally watch out for beggars on the tube.

When I was there some guy tried guilt tripping the train into giving him a roof for the night. I thought it was illegal to do aggressive begging like that?

Also, watch your pockets. Apparently quite a few pickpockets although I’ve never encountered any.


Ireland (Republic of)
Free at AIB (Allied Irish Bank) as of May 2017.
Free at BoI (Bank of Ireland) as of May 2018

Be careful, as some ATM terminals will ask you if you want the conversion in GBP or Euros, you need to select Euros


24th January 2019 - Bucharest, Romania
OTP bank - no fee
CEC bank - no fee

27th February 2019 - Casablanca, Morocco
Attijariwafa bank - 23 mad in 100 mad withdraw, so it costed me 123 mad
BMCE bank - didn’t work with the card, always saying it needed more time. It informed a 4% fee of conversion and it seemed that was also trying to charge a 23 mad fee.


Any idea if it’s possible to use the same Revolut card for two people. For example, tap on, pass my card to another, then tap on a second time?


Bolivia: BancoFie (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro; all free)
Peru: BCP (Maestro free, Mastercard and Visa have a fee)


No, that’s not possible. Every person needs a separate card. And make sure to use the same card for start and end of your trip with TfL.


No @Oisin, as @Frank states that is not possible. The barriers all work using the card number so you cannot start two journeys using the same card.

An option to consider might be to request an additional Revolut card and link it to your account. Then you and your friend can travel as each will have unique card numbers, but they’ll both be charged to the same Revolut account.


To further what @rob and @Frank have already stated, this is actually mentioned on TfL’s website. Yes, you can pay for others fares. You can’t however use the same card, as it would apply capping as if you were the same person. As such you have to use another card number.


Check my posts about Argentina, Chili, Peru and Bolivia.


Banco de la Republica Uruguay known as BROU. I made a cash withdrawal a bout a week ago no charges applied by bank.