The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)


Jordan for Mastercard
Arab bank 3jod
Housing bank rejected card
Jordan islamic bank 3,5jod
Cairoamman bank 5jod
Bank of jordan 5jod
Bank al etihad 5jod
Investbank 1 jod
Capitalbank 5jod
Jordan kuwait bank 0jod


I’m in Uruguay. I wonder if BBVA here charge the atm fee of 6USD (199 uruguayan pesos). All banks so far do charge. Thanks


Anyone know of which ATM’s/Banks in URUGUAY with no charge? So far all ATM’s I’ve been to charge around 6 USD!!


Please advise of any free German ATM


Haven’t found a free atm in URUGUAY yet but Redbrou only charge 100 pesos as opposed to 199 pesos in Banred. Big difference.


Spain (Alicante), February 2019
BBVA. Charges around 1.86 Euro per transaction!
BancaMarch. Charges 1.80 Euro per transaction!
Targo Bank. Charges 2 Euro per transaction!
Bankinter. NO FEES!

Israel (Tel Aviv), November 2018
Discount Bank. NO FEES!


Bank ATMs are mostly free. And if Sparkasse ATMs (Sparkasse own the largest ATM network in the country) recognize your card as a foreign card, it should also be free.

Keep in mind that Sparkasse is not one bank but about 400 independent banks under one brand. They can have different fees in different locations, if it’s free in Berlin a Sparkasse elsewhere might have a withdrawal limit or a fee.