The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)


Is card payment a problem in Costa Rica?


Updated again with all the new information. If it goes this way, we’ll have all countries covered by 2019 :wink:


In Germany do you know some free ATM ?


My base currency is € so I cannot realy say how it works for other currencies. Only one time a reisebank ATM at main station wanted to charge me in £ as the card is from UK.

If your account is in € I guess ING, Sparda, Deutsche Bank at least should be fine.


Revolut MasterCard 5.5.2018 ATM Stopanska Banka, Bitola Macedonia (MKD) -> no fee
Revolut MasterCard 6.5.2018 ATM AIK Banka JUBANKA, Niš Serbia (RSD) -> no fee
Revolut MasterCard 7.5.2018 ATM Erste Bank, Airport Belgrade (RSD) -> no fee
Revolut VISA 29.8.2018 ATM Raiffeisenbank Bitsch, Switzerland (CHF) -> no fee


In the dropbox file attached says (Italy AVOID Unicredit: (as of March 2018). NOT TRUE, Unicredit does not charge for both Visa and Mastercard.


some places want cash.


Italy: Banca Carige - November 2018, no fee with the standard MC


Czech Republic

No fee:

  • Raiffeisenbank
  • Airbank
  • Fio
  • Komerční banka
  • ČSOB
  • Unicredit Bank

Fee 125 CZK:

  • Česká spořitelna

Fee 195 CZK:

  • Moneta Money Bank


Spain (4th December 2018)

  • Caja Rural Granada charging fees (wasn’t before…)
  • Cajamar - FREE withdrawals if you select creditcard
  • Banco Sabadell - Charging Fees


Does anyone know fee free ATMs in Bangkok? Thanks


Does anyone know fee free ATMs in Seam Reap Cambodia? Thanks


In Colombia on December 2018

Revolut Mastercard
Davivienda. DCC applied without option to decline or notification. You only can accept or refuse the operation
BBVA. Without fees. ATM at Premium Plaza Shooping center near “Industriales” Metro station.
Bancolombia: 12000 COP. I tried 3 ATM’s at different locations.

All the currency are in colombian pesos.


Confirm Spain (Calella) - Caixa still free VISA 24/12/2018


Belayed happy new year! The list is again updated. :slight_smile:

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January 2019 - Revolut Mastercard.

Colpatria: 15000 COP at Premium Plaza shopping center (near Industriales METRO station.


Argentina (Mastercard and Visa)
Link 216 ARS FEE
Badesco 318 ARS FEE

I recommend using Smallworld to get money in Argentina.


Chile (Mastercard and VISA)
Banco de Chile: 6500 CLP FEE
Santander: 5000 CLP FEE
Banco de Estado: 4900 CLP FEE


Would be nice if you could specify which card did you used (Mastercard/VISA). Sometimes in some countries fees differ.


Edited my original post :). Thnx for the feedback.