The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Thank you @Slavekk. I somehow overlooked South Korea in the spreadsheet. I will keep everyone here updated as soon as I’m in South Korea.

In the Netherlands all ATMs of Rabobank, ING, and ABN-AMRO are replaced by one generic ATM called “Geldmaat”. They are recognisable by their bright yellow color. Here you can find all locations of ATMs: I don’t know what the fee is yet. As soon as my physical debitcard arrives I will let you all know.

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I can tell you there is no fee for using any Revolut card at the Dutch Geldmaat ATM.


Hello @elmarconi, please can you confirm that your list “The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling” is is updated for 2022?

I am travelling to Tanzania and I would like to know if I can still withdraw money from the KCB Bank free of charge?
Thank you for your reply

@elmarconi hasn’t been online for more than 2 years

@PoelieV thank you for your reply. do you know who can help me? I will ask the community ?

kutxabank free withdrawals in Spain and at the ATM I used in Benidorm.

Sabadell still charged 1.80 EUR

OTP in Hungary is free

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which ATM banks are free of charge in France?


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True credit Agricole took me 5 € for a 20€ withdraw, la poste, societe generale, caisse d’epargne are free if my memory is good

An update on some banks in Morocco as of 25/06/2022:

Banque populaire charged a 33dh fee when using Revolut visa.

Attajariwafa bank charged a fee of 35dh when using Revolut visa.

BMCI charged a 28dh fee for a withdrawal with Revolut visa

Crédit Agricole charged around 20-28dh for a withdrawal with visa

The only bank I tried that had no fees was Al Barid Bank, which is the Moroccan post offices bank.