The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)


I withdrew from Slovenská Sproiteľna (Erste group) ATM numerous times without any fee.
So you might try again

Deutsche Bank in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria no withdrawal fee with Halifax Clarity.

Albania update,

I withdraw from Albania

CREDINS Banks without a any fee,
Intesa SANPAOLO bank had a fee 700 lek (around 5.5 euro)
FIbank didn’t accept my Revolut.

Be carefull with Postbank ATMs:

I withdrew 50€ from a Postbank ATM in Berlin with Revolut(VISA) they charged me 5.49€ without any notice. I disputed the charge with revolut to no avail.

It might have been a Cardpoint ATM, only branded as Postbank, they’ve got a collaboration. Cardpoint is expensive, like Euronet.

“Real” Postbank ATMs operated by Postbank are part of the wider Cashgroup network and most likely don’t charge this fee. At least that was my experience so far.

For successful chargeback, you probably need good documentation.

All info from August 2021,
with Revolut Mastercard,
in Croatia.

Seget Vranjica, as follows:
MoneyGet ATM (2 in town), requested a 29,90 HRK fee for withdrawal. Recepits by other users at the ATM suggested both a HRK to EUR exchange rate of 0,15055 and a 12,9% commission for exchange. I didn’t use the ATM in the end.

Euronet ATM, requested a 29,80 HRK fee for withdrawal. Other DCC fees probably ahead. I didn’t use the ATM in the end.

Auro Domus, located at the reception of Camp Belvedere, didn’t ask for a fee for withdrawal neither did it offer DCC. I used the ATM and only got charged by Revolut for withdrawal over my limit (as expected). I recommend this one.

Did withdraw in another bank-affiliated ATM in Trogir (can’t remember the branch) and did not pay any fees. I believe the ATM was at the corner of ul. Matice Hrvatske and ul. Hrvatskog porljeca 1971 streets. Google maps shows no ATM at this location, but then again, maps are sketchy when it comes to ATMs. (both google maps and openstreetmaps are IMHO)

Did withdraw in Split in another bank-affiliated ATM without any fees (again, can’t remember the bank name). Another bank ATM refused give me any money (no withdrawal possible)

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Poland, PKO Bank charges you 17,9 pln for withdrawal Mastercard

Meanwhile in Bulgaria (in late August):

  • Euronet (not on the spreadsheet) wanted to charge a fee for Mastercard withdrawals, but I didn’t make a note of how much;
  • Central Cooperative Bank was indeed free (as shown on the spreadsheet);
  • Eurobank and Piraeus Bank Bulgaria (on the spreadsheet) have merged into Postbank;
  • SG Express Bank (on the spreadsheet) has merged into DSK Bank.

Here’s what I saw in Istanbul, Turkey on 23 August 2021:

Bank Non-DCC TRY withdrawal fee
alBaraka (ATMs found outside branches) free (no DCC option at all; only TRY available)
Akbank 6.99%
Garanti Bank (ATMs also labelled paramatik) 4.99%
Türkiye Bankası 5.00%
YapıKredi 6.00%
Ziraat Bank DCC: 6.00% (I wasn’t able to disable DCC)

All were tested with Debit Mastercard, and some (but I didn’t record which) were additionally tested with Visa Debit and even a credit card, and with various withdrawal amounts, but the fees stayed the same no matter what I tried. All my cards (Revolut and others alike) are issued in Europe and are detected as EUR or GBP cards.

In DCC mode, the ATMs also declared a fee. I didn’t check the exchange rates to see whether there’s an extra markup on the rate or it’s just midmarket + fee as declared. I also didn’t make an effort to record the declared DCC fees, but in several ATMs they seemed equal to the corresponding non-DCC fees.

Some but not all ATMs offered to dispense EUR and USD in addition to TRY, but I didn’t try, so I don’t know what the fees are.

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Türkiye Bankası

Most likely this was actually Türkiye İş Bankası, and I simply didn’t realize the decorative İş in the middle was letters and part of the name.

7 euros right now. September 2020 Santander Bank.

I wanted to ask or maybe more like warn you. Did you know that even cancelled transactions count into your montly ATM limit? I am now in Rovinj, Croatia. I was trying to find a free ATM. I tried about 6 and every time on the last step there was an info about a fee paid for the transaction. So I cancelled all of them in this step. Finally I found one free in OTP bank. Some of the cancelled transaction I see in the app on one row as returned but some of them are on two. One as a completed withdrawal and second as returned transaction. Both at the same time. Probably for that reason I am out of limit now and can’t withdraw without 2% fee even though in fact I only have cash from 2 withdrawals safely in the limit. I was trying to solve this in the app on Revolut chat but didn’t success. :confused:

I can also confirm Postbank was indeed free, as promised on the spreadsheet.