The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Unicredit now has a charge of 125 czk

Slovakia OTP no fee.

Tunisia : now all ATM charge 10 TND

Do you use VISA or Maestro Revolut card?

The withdrawal in mainland France might be free from most ATMs, but not in Guadeloupe and Martinique! They charge fees and sometimes even do not announce them in advance.

In Tanzania all major banks charge a commission of ~12-13 thousand THS (also the exchange rate is quite bad). The minimal I experienced was from a smaller bank - Exim bank, 10 thousand commission and the best exchange rate I saw in Tanzania. I used MC.

In Albania, Credins Bank and Alpha Bank ATMs do not charge anything (VISA). Haven’t tried MasterCard yet though.

i got my new card /standard a few weeks ago. when i insert the card in the atm slot after selecting “withdraws” it says “this transaction is not possible”
tried several times. card works fine in nearby shop with cchip and pin.
card is also not usable with amazon
does the card need a minimum deposit in order to work on atm.
whats the issue- does anybody have an idea?

Greece has a new bank where the ATM usage is free. It is called Optima Bank and it is expanding nationally.

Czech Republic (Mar 2021):
Oberbank (as Mar 2021) free of charge
UniCredit (fee of 125 CZK)
Sberbank (fee of 150 CZK)
Euronet (dangerous, various fees + DCC)

Currently in Dominican Republic.

Two golden tips: (one unrelated to this thread) - SIM cards can be purchased on arrival at SDQ airport, the Claro shop stays open until 9 in the evening and they take DOP, USD and EUR. The airport wifi is intermittent, but if you get your sim card, you can order an Uber and spend around USD10 to get to town, as opposed to the ridiculous USD40 that some drivers ask. Coming back to the thread’s subject: one of the four ATM machines located next to the Claro shop charges “only” 112 pesos. I decided to not withdraw cash at the airport, since I was paying Uber with my cc and I could find cash next morning. Then I woke up and went to chase a fee-free ATM for my cash. Found several machines, the lowest fee was at La Nacional, 150 pesos. Others would charge as high as 250 pesos. Then some security guard gave me the golden tip: SCOTIABANK offers fee-free withdrawals. So keep that name if you visit DR. I didn’t visit Jumbo as suggested on another DR post.


Raiffeisen doesn’t let you withdraw, it says card not operational.
Tried ti with a visa

Thanks man I will check it out. Do you know if Procredit charges a fee?