The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Standard Chartered, Banjul, The Gambia, :r: MC, 200 GMD fixed fee for up to 8000 GMD. Even the locals have to pay. In reality a cash society where cards are rarely taken and a 3-5% fee is charged if you can use one, plus some places then convert GMD to USD before charging your card. :r: GBP rate was 65.6741, local money changers 66, so my advice would be bring cash, EUR/GBP/USD best but most accepted.

TD Canada Trust (Canada) charges 3$CAD in withdrawal fee.

HSBC now asks for 2.5€ per transaction (tested on Jan '20)

How did you get on?

We fly out there next week for 5 weeks… Any tips?

We use Multibanco all the time with our Revolut Visa and MC, no fees at all anywhere in the country so far.

Dear friends,

After a while, the list is updated again. I hope you appreciate the effort and excuse the delay!

Happy travels!


I am currently in Morocco and can confirm that BMCI machines give me free withdrawals. I have MC.

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Hi everyone.
I just so that tweet from Chad:

So a certain part of that idea will come to the app.

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Wow, that‘s great idea. I‘m lookin‘ forward and hope it will be added soon…

Using this guide for my trip in the Balkans next month. I’ll send updates if I notice any changes. In the meantime I just hope the ATM map are added to :r:. Thank you!


I’d like to use this for my trip next week in Georgia, but I think that it’s just a dream.
I’ve no idea what ATM is better to avoid and if there still any fee free one.

Here’s also nothing about Georgia :frowning:

Someone always needs to make the first experience at any of those countries. :slight_smile:
Just be aware of common issues like DCC and state if you use MC or Visa. :ok_hand:t3:

I will do next week :smiley:
Just for now when I don’t know, I’ll spend a lot of time to try more ATMs and hope that all of them inform me about fees before I withdraw cash
Of course, I always avoid DCC scams, if it’s possible.

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From my experience in e.g. Croatia they state it – maybe because of the regulations. However, I learned that sometimes there is no alternative around. :sob:

Georgia is interesting and obviously not to busy with :r: tourists. :ok_hand:t3: Have fun.

I think those regulations are maybe just in EU, so I’ll see…

That’s right, and it goes worse and worse… :cry:

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ATM in USA: In New Mexico (Santa Fe) Wells Fargo used to be free, last time I tried there fee was $5.00. The Del Norte Credit Union charges $3.00

Reportedly Santander doesn’t charge any fees anymore (Mastercard).

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This is a monster thread, fair play!

@wwweasel, if(!) then you’ll find it here.
Spoiler: You’ll start the Mauritius entries.

Last week from Liberty Bank ATM in Gudauri, Georgia (Sakartvelo) :georgia:, Withdrawed 200 GEL for FREE with MC. :brown_heart:
…just TBC bank ATM ordered me withdrawing with 2 GEL fee