The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Useful information , I thought that all ATMs in Bulgaria are tax free for Revolut cards (MC) , but now I see that’s because my MC is with BG BIN. Thanks !

Got 230 euros from the Bankinter ATM just west of Catalunya Square in Barcelona this evening. No commission, and similar exchange rate as in shops a few minutes earlier.

Free in MultiRed (Banco de la Nación) with a limit of 400 PEN per card per day.

Italy - Intesa Sanpaolo might charge 3€
Tried it with rev mc

Revolut has pulled out of Singapore. No more withdrawals allowed in the country. See article and screenshot.

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ATM withdrawals in Singapore not permitted only for Singapore citizens with Revolut account or for everyone ???

I withdrew US$100 from Travelex ATM at Dubai airport. There was no fee/commission charged at all.

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This is awesome! I will try to add Philippines when I find any ATMs not yet listed.

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I can confirm that there is no longer any bank in Nepal that allows free withdrawals of cash.
All now hold a minimum of 500npr fee

Thats was fast they moved out

Austria. Erste Bank, withdraw cash. No commission applied. Apr2019

Israel on Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot at International Private Bank Center

In Guatemala I get charged no fees using a UK Mastercard (Halifax) at BAC banks. I know some other people do get charged from other countries and some UK cards won’t work at all at the bank (e.g. Starling), but for me it’s fee free :slight_smile:

This thread is about no charges using a Revolut card. :sweat_smile:

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