The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Bulgaria - Raiffeisen bank ATM
For withdrawing with cards with BIN code different than Bulgarian (it recognizes the card as foreign) - 5.70 BGN withdraw charge.

If you don’t own Revo card with BG BIN, be careful with Raiffeisen ATMs

Update Colombia: Davivienda doesn‘t charge! Best bank for atm withdrawals so far in Colombia!!!

Just withdrawed 10 euros from La Caixa with a 2 euros fee.

Update Colombia:

  • Banco de Colombia charges 14‘500 COP
  • Servibanca charges 14‘500 COO


Croatia, Zagrebacka Banka (Unicredit). withdraw 1000 HRK, charged 1001,13 HRK.

India - Revolut Visa and Mastercard no fees at SBI (State Bank of India) as of October 4th 2019. Withdrew 4 times in total so far and received mostly 500 but also 2.000 notes. One of the 2.000 notes had pen writing on it which made it very hard to get rid off as generally banks don’t accept these apparently (even though I received this note from a bank).After a few attempts a restaurant accepted it in the end.
India - Revolut Mastercard 200 rupees fee at Kotak Mahindra Bank at the airport as of September 30th 2019. I did not accept and canceled the transaction.

Any update on US, California?
There is no Santander bank in San Francisco unfortunately (that’s the most recent one in the sheet). BoA has $3 fee, unless you let BoA to the conversion. But I have already converted plenty of dollars via Revolut so that doesn’t make sense.

letting the ATM provider do the conversion never makes sense when you use Revolut as they use a poor exchange rate

Any news on Portugal? Is Multibanco (or others) still free?

In Kosovo only BKT does not charge fees.
All others charge 5EUR