The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

I was looking for a list like this. What if we put those list on some interactive world map?

United Arab Emirates / Dubai
Standard Chartered Bank ATM
AED 25.– fee with Revolut MasterCard

Bulgaria - Raiffeisen Bank - no fee

Peru, BCP ATM in Lima, Visa Revolut - no fees (Sept '19)

In Comoros there are only 6-7 banks out of which BIC (BNP-Paribas subsidiary) for sure DOES charge as of Dec 2018. VISA

In Kenya NIC atm was checked in Watamu in Dec 2018, it does NOT charge for withdrawal. It may apply for the entire country, just like Diamond Trust and Equity. VISA

at Rheincenter Weil am Rhein
Reisebank ATM in front of DM Store, no fees
I used Mastercard and there is no DCC Advise
But with VISA Card It does.

That’s odd. I withdrew a few times and I have not been charged. Need to check again if they changed something. :thinking:

France,Bordeaux Gare St Jean 13.09.2019
Credit Mutuel ATM no fee

Spain/Lanzarote: (using Revolut Mastercard) - As of 17/09/2019

Euro Automatic Cash (B. Popular) - Free (tested multiple times)

Santander - €5 fee
Caixa - €2 fee
La Caixa - €2 fee
ING - €3.95 fee


Just to confirm for September, Malta BOV and HSBC still no fees with MC and Maestro.


Livingstone, Zambia - Stanbic Bank no fees with VISA. Sept 2019

Spain, Barcelona: I confirm some days ago La Caixa started to add 2€ fee.
I could withdrawal without fee from Deutsche Bank.

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USA Chicago
Chase $3
PNC $3.50
Citibank $3
Bank of America $3


I’m traveling to Laos next week can anyone let me know the revolut experience there?

There are many or few places that we can pay with revolut?

ATM withdrawals are available or not? is easy to access an ATM?

I’m using mastarcard revolut.

Thank you for your help

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Euronet ATM (as of Aug 2018 with MC Premium) 900 HUF for 10,000 HUF

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Never use Euronet, it’s a scammy crap ATM, owned by a guy in Kansas… 900HUF is cheap compared to some other Euronet ATMs… it’s a ripoff machine, always use local ATMs in Hungary like OTP/Erste/K&H/Cib etc…


Hi there! I went to Laos last year :wink: most places still is cash mainly and I didn’t find free ATM unfortunately! You can usually pay cash either in local currency but they also accept USD. They might give you the change back in local currency though :wink: life is really cheap there so I recommend to withdraw a lump sum to avoid paying the ATM fee several time. Enjoy! It’s beautiful there! You must enjoy a sunset on the Mekong :grin:

Peru - BCP countrywide - no fees
Chile - Scotiabank (not Azul) - no fees, but less and less of them
Chile - BICE bank - no fees
September 2019

Hi there,

Thanks for the info…

I will make the most out of it for sure…

Revolut VISA, As of Sept/2019 US Bank, Seattle 3 USD fee.