The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Update for “ Kuwait “ the list mention it’s not working since sometime , ATM withdrawal is working in ( NBK - National Bank of Kuwait / BBK - Burgan Bank of Kuwait ) these are tested by me

MasterCard or Visa, @EnquiryCookie ?
That usually makes a difference.


I have both and all is working in these two banks

i think I’m addicted somehow, i have business and personal accounts, have the plastic and metal, have the Visa and MasterCard, all is working just fine



Maybe not the best topic to post in but somehow I cannot start a new one.

I would like to ask about the “infamous” Euronet ATMs you are warned about all over internet, sometimes in dramatic terms (“avoid like the plague”, “dreaded Euronet”, “Euronet threat”, and so on)
I get that this is a dishonest company, and if you are not careful, you can be ripped off royally.

My question is, if you are fine with the transaction fees they charge (3-4 euro usually), and there is no other ATM nearby, can you reject/decline the DCC they offer?
What I get, apart from the fee, the DCC and the confusing user interface (with which they want to trick into accepting the DCC) is the main problem with Euronet.
Or is it maybe that you cannot even refuse the DCC on offer? (They were some postings on the net by American cardholders which esentially say this - maybe US-issued cards are even treated differently)
However, this video shot in Budapest shows that the Hungarian guy (at least he speaks English with a Hungarian accent) testing it with a foreign card was able to get around the DCC:

So what is the situation with these ATMs using a Revolut card? Is it only the fee which you have to worry about and you can reject DCC, or is it like an airport currency exchange, that you simply cannot avoid getting ripped off?
In the first case, Euronet might be an option if there is no other ATM nearby and you need cash right away (for a 3-4 euro charge), but in the second, it is really “avoid like the plague”.

Thank you in advance for the help.

I read somewhere, that in some cases if you not choose DCC, Euronet will allow you to withdraw choosen currency , but still charge you money (perhaps fixed price) “for service”.

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As reported multiple times there won’t be fees with Revolut Visa.

For Croatia it says: “Moreover, POS withdrawals at Tisak, Konzum and Posta Croatia seem to be free too.” However, that is not possible, when I tried to withdraw money at Tisak and Konzum stores (in may this year), it got rejected, while the Revolut app notified me that “unfortunately the cash advance is not supported”.

Thanks for your hard work for posting this in an Excel spreadsheet.

I have used it for many times, but I haven’t been charged with any fees, also DDC can be refused. But it may depend on particular ATM

Morocco with Mastercard, this week.

  • Al Barid Bank: “UNKNOWN TRANSACTION DESTINATION” error appeared on the screen for two different Revolut MC cards, withdrawal didnt work.
  • BMCE: 30 MAD fee on 700 and 1000 MAD withdrawal.
  • BMCI: no fee

The new (modern) Hellenic bank ATMs in Cyprus seems to accept Revolut cards. They just changed to a new machine where the old machine didnt accept card. Not sure if this is true across the board, but in this case it was. Strange.

Morocco, Mastercard.
CIH bank: 20 MAD fee in 500 MAD.

I’m going in NewYork City next week (8/18 to 8/27) and would like to know if any of you has found any free ATM withdrawal in Manhattan?
I have a Revolut Visa.

Based on the list per country made by @elmarconi, I have found that the Sun East Credit Union’s ATM is free ATM withdrawal … but they don’t have any ATM or office in Manhattan. They operate only in PA and North Deleware. As a member of the Credit Unions network, they suggest outside to use the Credit Unions’ ATM, without ATM Withdrawal fee.

The street locator of Credit Unions ATM is there :
They have a lot in 7-Elven shops.
=> Did you ever use it with your Visa Revolut/is it really free for us ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Denmark: Nordjyske Bank free of charge, tested with multiple foreign cards, both local and foreign BINs. A regional bank, but comes in very handy in the tourist season.

Jordan VisaRevolut - 5JOD (can’t recall which bank)

Hi, thank you for information about Macedonica - I’ll need it:) Just one question - did you use Revolut Visa or Revolut Mastercard? I have Revolut Visa and I hope will work as you have written - without fees :slight_smile:

Which ATMs are fee free in the UK? Specifically Scotland where I will live.

Morocco, Mastercard, this week.
Societe Generale ATM: 30 MAD fee.

It was a MasterCard. I don’t think it will matter though. There are only bank ATMs in Macedonia, no Euronet or similar.

Attica Bank ATMs in Greece still free.
Withdrawed €50 with MC in Corfu city
(Probalbly last ATM without fees on this island)